Potable Water Treatment

Potable Water

From mineral rich groundwater to seawater, newterra has the experience and technology to transform any source water into clean, safe drinking water – wherever it's needed.

newterra treatment solutions provide abundant potable water – all designed to meet or exceed the most stringent drinking water quality standards. Our engineering team has decades of experience designing and manufacturing modular systems that utilize proven technologies to treat water from a wide range of sources. The chemistry and characteristics of source water vary widely – requiring different process steps to ensure a highly polished, aesthetically-pleasing finished product. newterra potable systems incorporate a range of technologies, including oxidation, conventional and membrane filtration and ultraviolet disinfection. Built-in redundancy gives our systems an extra measure of safety. 

In addition to custom solutions, newterra offers a range of pre-engineered, self-contained packaged treatment plants that simplify and expedite the process of providing potable water to work camps, small communities, resorts and other developments. These modular systems offer cost-effective treatment – regardless of the water source – and are scalable to accommodate additional treatment units as capacity requirements grow.

At the smaller end of the treatment spectrum, newterra also builds compact, point-of-entry reverse osmosis (RO) systems for residential homes - as well as skidded units for commercial and institutional clients. 

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