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Newterra Brands Working Together!

March 15, 2022

Having complete control over our manufacturing process has always been a priority here at Newterra. Combining engineering & design, manufacturing, and aftermarket services gives Newterra a definite advantage over the competition. With several extensive manufacturing facilities throughout the US and Canada, we can design, build and test multiple large-scale treatment systems simultaneously. To achieve this, we have created capable Newterra Production Teams comprised of licensed tradespeople who work in customer-focused teams to maximize quality and efficiency. As Newterra grows and integrates new companies and technologies, vertical integration and internalizing production is becoming key in producing quality solutions in a timely manner.

The Aquip® 300 System (above left) is fabricated at Newterra’s 155,000 sq. ft. production facility in Heber Springs (above right).

To showcase this, StormwateRx recently utilized this “in-house-teamwork” approach to manufacturing by choosing Newterra’s ASME Certified facility in Heber Springs, Arkansas, to fabricate an Aquip® 300 system.  This 100-ton concrete vault will be shipped in 6 parts to a Midwest Metal Scrap Facility in May 2022 for stormwater treatment.

“We’ve always relied on less expensive vendors for manufacturing our systems, but with suppliers experiencing staffing shortages, we are finding it more challenging to get a quality product,” says Mike Dahlberg, Operations Manager, StormwateRx. “Having our units produced in Heber Springs ensures that we have a much better handle on quality control and lead times, ultimately delivering the best product we possibly can, and ensuring our customers don’t suffer production delays. Newterra’s Joe Strogus and Stoney Engle have been absolutely wonderful to work with in the process.”

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