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For the history buffs, this page is devoted to the history of Newterra and its divisions and major brands. This page only scratches the surface of the long history, hard work, entrepreneurial nature, search for excellence, spirit of invention and standard of ethics  that echoes in the halls of our company and permeates who we are and what we do.

It is presented with Newterra first, then histories of other significant brands and companies that have strengthened the Newterra family.

Newterra 1992 – Present

In 1992 Maple Leaf Environmental Equipment Ltd., Newterra Services Ltd were incorporated under the holding company of Calco Ltd. as a manufacturers representive in Canada for several environmental remediation equipment companies with the objective of supplying high quality environmental equipment to the Canadian market.

  • 1992 Office opened in Brockville, Ontario, Canada by Bruce Lounsbury.
  • 1993 Bruce Lounsbury was joined by Bob Kennedy. Together they would develop a team to grow the company for the next 22 years.
  • 1995 The focus on modular systems began. Maple Leaf began manufacturing small remediation systems for the Canadian market, and had facilitated a shift from ‘build on site’ to modular delivered to site systems.
  • 1996 Primary products were pump and treat carbon systems, air strippers, oil/water separation, soil vapor extraction, high vacuum dual phase extraction, catalytic oxidation and other air treatment.
  • 1998 Moved into new facility 7,200 sq foot. With growth began building containerized systems outside (think cold) as not enough room inside the building.
  • 1998 Developed and delivered 1st Site Link remote telemetry and control system.
  • 1999 Were becoming known as experts in extraction and treatment of chlorinated compounds.
  • 2001 Entered the US groundwater remediation market. Rebranded as MLE Equipment.
  • 2002 Moved into 35,000 sq ft facility to manage increase in demand.
  • 2005 Became market share leader in North American groundwater remediation market. Designed and built 176 custom modular treatment systems in one year.
  • 2006 Seeking continued growth, targeted Decentralized Water & Wastewater and Industrial Water & Wastewater markets. Completed acquisition of Filter Innovations (MBR, UF, Chemical Treatment, Filtration products).
  • 2007 Granted preferred vendor status from Exxon and Chevron.
  • 2007 Won Canada Best Managed Company Award for 1st time. Went on to be a Platinum Member.
  • 2008 Designed and built 1st modular Industrial Wastewater Treatment plant.
  • 2009 Designed and built 1st Modular MBR plant for a residential and commercial development.
  • 2011 Designed 1st modular ‘phased’ MBR plant for a mining camp.
  • 2012 MLE Equipment was rebranded to Newterra. With high demand now built containers outside again (think cold).
  • 2013 Newterra expanded into 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Brockville, Ontario, Canada.
  • 2013 Newterra redefined modularity with 7,000 person sewage treatment plant in Africa. Newterra designed, built and delivered a 26 container MBR plant in 6 months. First project over $5M.
  • 2013 Acquired MicroClear GmbH, the German manufacturer of MicroClear modular flat sheet UF membranes.
  • 2014 Acquired Crane Water (Cochrane and EPRO brands) to accelerate growth in the Industrial and Commercial markets.
  • 2014 Executed first project over $10M
  • 2015 Delivered large remediation system to superfund site with cleanup criteria in the low PPT range for PAH compounds.
  • 2015 Delivered Deaerator for the US Navy Ford Class aircraft carrier.
  • 2016 Delivered largest Boiler Feedwater System to Algerian steel mill, a 3.4 MGD Reverse Osmosis Plant with Multimedia pretreatment.
  • 2016 Tom Vossman joined company as CEO.
  • 2017 Delivered it’s 100th MBR system.
  • 2018 Acquired Aeration Industries International of Chaska, Minnesota to accelerate growth in the Municipal and Industrial water markets.
  • 2019 After identifying Industrial Stormwater Treatment as a growth market, acquired StormwateRx of Portland, Oregon.
  • 2019 Delivered second Modular MBR system in Ethiopia. With advanced treatment for hospital wastewater, the system was designed with tertiary treatment for removal of pharma contaminants.
  • 2019 After identifying treatment of emerging contaminants as a growth market acquired TIGG, a significant player in the Municipal drinking water market as well as the Groundwater Remediation market. This acquisition also advanced Newterra’s vertical integration strategy by allowing in-sourcing for Cochrane Deaerators and Condensate polishers which require ASME certification.
  • 2020 Newterra is acquired by Frontenac, a Chicago based PE firm.

Cochrane 1863 – Present

In 1863, Joseph Harrison, Jr, founded the Harrison Safety Boiler Works in Philadelphia with a singular mission of designing, constructing and improving the safety America’s first generation of steam locomotives.

  • Awarded First Medal and Diploma for safety, economy of space, and economy of fuel at the American Institute Fair in New York in 1869 
  • The First Class Silver Medal was awarded by the Franklin Institute in 1874 for Best Evaporative Efficiency, Best Dynamic Value of Steam, and Best Economical Capacity for Generating Steam. 
  • David Cochrane introduced the Cochrane Oil Separator – the first successful mechanical method of purifying exhaust steam so effectively that it could be safely used for direct contact heating of water for boiler feed purposes in 1889
  • The last Harrison Safety Boiler was sold in 1910 with feed water heaters and separators now dominating the activity of the business
  • Introduced the hot process softener, equipment that consisted of a Cochrane Open Heater with special trays and filter, supplemented by a means of feeding soda ash as the chemical reagent in 1902 
  • Published the Cochrane Exhaust Steam Heating Encyclopedia in 1907 
  • Introduced the Multiport Relief Valve to protect boilers, condensers, evaporators and an extensive array of other types of equipment from excessive backpressure in 1920 
  • Introduced synthetic zeolite made from blast furnace slag digested with caustic soda in 1924 
  • Launched the Cochrane 600 cross flow deaerating heater in 1924, a predecessor to the Counterflow Deaerator
  • Commercialized the Cochrane 6000 Down Flow Design deaerating heater in 1928. Predecessor to the Parallel Downflow Deaerator. This DA increased capacity and yielded better results that could be obtained in a smaller space. 
  • Supplied the first atomizing DA for use in US Navy in 1934. With these deaerators, ships were able to steam farther, faster, more economically, and with less layoff for overhaul and repair than ever before experienced or dreamed possible 
  • Introduced THE COCHRANE-BECKER HIGH PRESSURE CONDENSATE RETURN SYSTEM which increased boiler output; reduced make-up requirements and improved heat transfer in 1951 
  • In 1952 launched the Automatic Hot Zeolite water softener. This allowed the softening of hot water and condensate, previous to this, only cold water could be softened.
  • Cochrane sold in 1960
  • Acquired Chicago Heater in 1987 further advancing our position in counterflow deaeration technology. It also included the design rights and aftermarket businesses of each Westinghouse and Marley Condensers. 
  • Acquired the assets of Belco Water in 1989 which provided alternate water treatment and deaerator design approaches. 
  • Acquired Environmental Products, a pioneer in the commercialization of reverse osmosis in 1998. The business was founded by Robert Murphy in 1975 in Venice, FL and is now the US pillar of our manufacturing base of custom equipment. 
  • Cochrane introduced the Lock-N-Load deaerating spray nozzle in 2010. The spray nozzle is installed using a twist lock method, eliminating the need for any bolts, nuts or other hardware in the confined space of a deaerator. 
  • Acquired by Newterra in 2014

StormwateRx 2006 – Present

Founded in 2006 by Calvin Noling in Portland Oregon to serve the Industrial Stormwater treatment market in the western US

  • 2008 Launch of the Aquip and Clara line focused on passive modular stormwater treatment systems
  • 2011 Launch of Zinc-B-Gone for treatment of zinc from roof run off and other stormwater sources
  • 2013 Third party validation on PCB removal from stormwater by Aquip
  • 2019 Acquired by Newterra
  • 2020 Launches Clara Filter

TIGG LLC 1977 – Present

TIGG was founded in 1977 in Oakdale PA by Don Tigglebeck, a Pittsburg based entrepreneur. Focus was on small modular activated carbon treatment systems.

  • Manufacturing plant established in Heber Springs to manufacture larger, steel adsorber vessels
  • 2009 a larger facility (155,000 sq ft) was acquired in Heber Springs to manage increase in sales and demand for vessels up to 14 foot diameter
  • With new larger manufacturing capability, continued to expand its municipal drinking water, industrial clean water and groundwater remediation business
  • 2019 Acquired by Newterra
  • 2020 Fabrication of first Cochrane Deaerator

MicroClear GmbH

Founded in 1998,

  • MCXL membrane cassette for submerged membrane bioreactor (MBR) designed and patented
  • Laser welding patented
  • 2014 acquired by Newterra
  • 2016 moved into new facility to accommodate increased demand
  • 2019 acquired new equipment to double production capacity
  • 2021 MicroClear divested

Aeration Industries International

Founded in 1974 in Chaska, Minnesota by Joe Durda focused in surface aeration equipment.

  • 1981 First International installation
  • 1988 New HQ in Chaska with built in test pool for product verification and development
  • 1996 AIRE-O2 Triton introduced
  • 2002 Tri-Oval Introduction
  • 2007 Argos SBR introduction
  • 2010 Acquired by Granite Equity
  • 2014 With new R&D team, fact-based equipment performance improvement focus leads to established certified performance measurements.
  • 2015 Universal Bridge mount patented
  • 2016 Development of anti-fouling propeller
  • 2016 Acquisition by Newterra
  • 2019 Release of Triton 2.0
  • 2019 Release of Anti-Fouling Propeller
  • 2020 Release of Mixer 2.0
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