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Reclaiming the World's Water - a Virtual EXPO

Reclaiming the World’s Water – Event and Webinar Schedule

All Times are EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

Note there are two Stages : Main and Booth. Don’t worry if there are two presentations you would like to see scheduled at the same time, they will be posted after the live event for viewing.

Main Stage events tend to contain information relevant to the industry but not specifically product related, and include our external guest speakers. The Booth Stage events tend to be more Product Focused or Case Studies relevant to the Newterra Group of companies.

Tuesday AM 9:00SHOW OPENS
Tuesday AM 9:45Main15mWelcomeTom Vossman (CEO)Group
Tuesday AM 10:00Main60mIndustry Roundtable
Water Market Update
Industrial Stormwater Update
Emerging Contaminant Update
Dee Bryant (CGO)
Debra Coy (Partner XPV)
Peter Hanrahan (Hanrahan Environmental)
Seth Cutler (Frost & Sullivan)
Tuesday AM 11:00 Main60mBrief Overview of Each Booth/Business Unit and their markets and technologiesRobert (Bob) Kennedy (CTMO)Group
Tuesday PM 12:00Main40mIndustrial Stormwater Permits and Compliance)Calvin Noling StormwateRx
Tuesday PM 12:00 Booth20mNew Product AnnouncementsSteve SchwartzAeration Industries
Tuesday PM 12:45Main40mStricter EPA Standards on the Horizon for Industrial StormwaterJonathan J. Meronek (SCS Engineers)StormwateRx
Tuesday PM 12:45 Booth20mCase Study: Advances in Modular WWTP DesignJeffrey Snider-NevanDecentralized Water
Tuesday PM 1:30Main20mBiological Nutrient Removal (BNR)Alex DanuserAeration Industries
Tuesday PM 2:00Main30mEngineering Principles of Stormwater DesignTed LathropStormwateRx
Tuesday PM 2:00Booth20mCase Study:Oxidation Ditch RetrofitAeration Industries
Tuesday PM 2:30Booth20mCase Study: Long Island 1,4 Dioxane Municipal TreatmentKarl KuchlingTIGG
Tuesday PM 3:00Main30mReclaiming Lakes, Rivers and StreamsDarin Feist, P.E.Aeration Industries
Tuesday PM 3:00Booth30mProduct Focus: CochraneJoe StrogusCochrane
Tuesday PM 4:00Main30mEmerging Contaminants – an OverviewRobert (Bob) Kennedy (CTMO)Group
Tuesday PM 4:00Booth30mIt’s simple right? Stormwater Chemistry for IGP GuildanceStormwateRx
Tuesday PM 4:30Main20mIron Treatment before Carbon in Groundwater ApplicationsRobert (Bob) Kennedy (CTMO)Groundwater Remediation
Tuesday PM 4:30Booth30mAquaculture PresentationMarcos KroupaAeration Industries
Tuesday PM 6:00Booth30mNew Product Feature: Frontline Drain Inlet Filter InsertsPeter EvansStormwateRx
Wednesday AM 9:00SHOW OPENS
Wednesday AM 9:30Booth15mNewterra Rental FleetAftermarket
Wednesday AM 10:00Main60mIndustry Roundtable
Update on Water Market
Financing Options and USDA Funding
Important Updates for Small & Rural Communities
Dee Bryant Moderator
Dan McCarthy (McCarthy Consulting former Black & Veatch)
Matt Peeler (Live Oak Bank)
Dr. Robert (Bob) Rubin
Wednesday AM 11:00Main40mFinancing, Engineering & Supply for Decentralized Water SystemsMarshal Deane (Newterra)
Matt Peeler (Live Oak Bank)
Adam Sommers (Aquaworks DBO)
Decentralized Water
Wednesday AM 11:00Booth20mProduct Focus: DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)Darin Feist, P.E.Aeration Industries
Wednesday AM 11:30Booth15mNewterra Parts Store IntroductionDevin CooperAftermarket
Wednesday PM 12:00Main30mUniversal Remedial Solution to PFAS During a Period of Developing TechnologiesDavid WoodsTIGG
Wednesday PM 12:30Main30mWhat’s News in Water - Water OnlineMike Barbalaci &
Kevin Weaterling of Water Online
Water Online
Wednesday PM 1:00Main40mDeaerators 201 - Get the Gas Out!Joe StrogusCochrane
Wednesday PM 1:00Booth20mProduct Focus: Clara Filter High Rate Sediment RemovalPeter EvansStormwateRx
Wednesday PM 1:30Booth20mTech Minute: Adsorption MaterialsDavid WoodsTIGG
Wednesday PM 2:00Main30mChallenges of Operating MBR’s at Low Flow RatesCraig KennedyDecentralized Water
Wednesday PM 2:00Booth20mMaintenance Minute: The Importance of Maintenance for BMP SuccessPaul SchmidtStormwateRx
Wednesday PM 2:30Main30mSewage Vacuum Collection Systems – Why?Craig KennedyDecentralized Water
Wednesday PM 3:00Main20mTreatment for Construction Dewatering SitesDaryl FerroRemediation
Wednesday PM 3:00Booth15mCase Study: WInery Waste Water TreatmentAeration Industries
Wednesday PM 3:30Main25mTreatment of PAH’s to PPT LevelsRobert (Bob) KennedyRemediation
Wednesday PM 430Booth30mPilot Testing as a Decision Making Tool: Lessons Learned from 3 California Stormwater Pilot StudiesTBAStormwateRx
Wednesday PM 6:00Show Closes
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