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Remediation Superfund Site Iron Treatment Module

Cochrane Iron Removal Systems

Cochrane by newterra offers industrial quality Iron Removal systems using multiple technologies. Visit our Iron Removal page HERE for more infomation. This product page presents a typical industrial system removing lower levels of iron and manganese from the water supply.

Technical information

Feed water enters the vessel through an inlet valve and is sprayed out over the iron removal media. The water then flows down through the media. The media attracts and pulls the iron out of solution. The result is a highly efficient filtering system that removes virtually all iron. The iron free water enters the distributor system at the bottom of the vessel and travels upward via the center riser tube where it is then piped out of the vessel.

Over time, the iron media will trap additional solids resulting in an increased pressure drop across the vessel. Once the pressure drop reaches a set level the control system (or manual initiation) will trigger a backwash mode. During backwash the flow is reversed and the feed water enters down through the riser tube, exits out the distributor system and flows upward through the bed. This increased velocity up through the bed disturbs the media and releases the trapped particles which are sent to a drain. The backwash mode takes approximately ½ hour after which the vessel then switched back into normal operation.

For manganese removal, more oxidant may be required and would be engineered into the final system solution.


• To remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and/or certain metals
• Iron quickly falls out of solution and sticks to surfaces causing scaling and fouling
• Iron can plug filters, plumbing and foul RO membranes
• Iron will foul boiler tubes inhibiting heat transfer
• Hydrogen sulfide has an objectionable odor and is highly corrosive
• Metals can cause fouling on plumbing and RO membranes

Key benefits


• Provides effective iron removal with little or no chemicals
• Certain media can also remove manganese, hydrogen sulfide and some metals
• Inlet/outlet pressure gauges
• Efficient internal designs
• Self adjusting backwash flow control
• Safety air release valve for pressure fluctuations
• Minimum energy and maintenance requirements
• Stand alone tanks or modular skid mounted (pre-piped & pre-wired) options
• Clear backwash drain line for visual inspection (PVC plumbing only)
• Steam sanitizable tank options (steel vessel only)



Frame: Painted carbon steel or stainless steel
Membranes: Thin film composite
Membrane Housings: FRP
Controls: Customized for the end user
Piping: PVC, Duplex SS or Super Duplex SS
Instrumentation: Customized for the end user
Cleaning System: Integral to the skid or

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