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Municipal Groundwater Remediation Iron Treatment before Carbon

Iron Treatment

Iron (ferrous, ferric, bacterial and organic)

The presence of iron in groundwater can pose significant design, operational and cost implications to remediation and water treatment processes.

Newterra Iron Removal Solutions (IRS) provide an effective, cost-efficient approach to removing iron from water. The Newterra Iron Removal System is based on a process of intensive aeration/degasification followed by filtration.

System Concentrates First – then Treats the Iron

The core of the system is special Polymer Floating Media which effectively filters the water, but does not require regeneration or replacement. The system first oxidizes the ferrous (dissolved) iron, which allows the removal of all four types of iron to levels below 0.3ppm. Backflush containing the concentrated iron is chemically treated and run through an automatic particulate filter. Capable of handling iron concentrations from 5 to 50 ppm (on a non-reagent basis), the newterra iron removal system also helps reduce other pollutants, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, methane, radon, manganese, and organic substances.

In addition to our advanced technology-based system, Newterra offers other concentrating solutions approaches for iron removal from water:

Green Sand Filtering & Backwash Systems for applications under 4 ppm and chemical treatment and clarification or membrane treatment above 50 ppm.

These approaches also involve a filtration process with backwashing capabilities that produce a low volume of water with higher iron concentrations than the full process stream. The backwash water is typically sent to a holding tank and treated with flocculation and coagulation agents for efficient removal of the iron.

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