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What does Modularity mean at Newterra?

Systems are built with major modules or building blocks, assembled and tested in the factory, then taken apart, shipped and re-combined on site to form a functioning facility.

Key advantages are:

  • Scalability
  • Quality
  • Ship Anywhere
  • Speed of Deployment
  • Minimum Site Work
  • Re-Deployable if necessary

These modules can be buildings, containers and/or skids c/w all electrical, controls and programming. Modular system may be designed to simplify expansion in the future by adding more process units

Systems are designed and built to meet a specific customer requirement, which means that every modular facility is unique. However, this does not mean that every system or product is designed from scratch. Each building, container or skid contains pre-engineered modules of each technology used in the system, combined to make the whole system work.

Newterra has built a knowledge base of pre-engineered modules which are used in the quoting, engineering, procurement and production systems.

Benefits of Modular Solutions

Camp N-MBR 6,000 people, Zambia


The modular designs of Newterra potable water and sewage systems allow additional treatment units to be added or removed from a system quickly and efficiently to match actual requirements. This ability to scale a system up and down provides flexibility and cost efficiencies.

Superior Quality

Newterra modular systems are factory-built in ideal conditions by our experienced production team. Every treatment system undergoes our rigorous quality assurance process, including comprehensive hydraulic, electrical and controls testing, before leaving our facility.

Camp N-MBR 300 man Arctic Ocean Gold Mine

Go-Anywhere Portability

ISO shipping containers are the building blocks of many Newterra portable water treatment systems. These rugged enclosures protect our advanced treatment equipment from the elements and simplify transportation. By land and sea – even seasonal ice roads in the far North – our modular systems can go virtually anywhere.

Fast Turnaround

Responsiveness to our clients’ needs is something that sets Newterra apart. By engineering and pre-building “universal”  components of our systems, we can focus on the site-specific elements of our modular treatment solutions and compress delivery times.

Minimal Site Work

On-site construction is costly and vulnerable to delays. In remote areas, work crew availability and logistics are significant challenges. newterra eliminates those concerns. Our modular solutions arrive pre-wired, pre-plumbed and pre-tested for quick set-up and operation in days.


Newterra’s modular solutions don’t leave assets in the ground. Our packaged water treatment plants are portable so they can be easily relocated. At the conclusion of a project, or when capacity requirements warrant, the full system or treatment modules can be redeployed to other sites.

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