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Parallel vs Counterflow Deaerator Performance

Which is best for your application?


When choosing Deaerator technologies, it is important to ensure that each type is looked at carefully. Often the choice is between Parallel and Counterflow Deaerator.

  • Introduced 85 Years Ago
  • Utilizes a two-stage cascade stripping process
  • Unique Water Seal
  • Co-current steam/water tray contact
  • Versatility (100% make up or mixed condensate)
  • Will perform equally under all operating conditions
  • Ability to handle a high percentage of make-up water
  • Ability to handle low temperature water
  • Temp rise as low as 15 deg F
  • High turndown capabilities
  • Able to deaerate high pressure and flashing condensate returns
  • More spilling edge and surface per unit volume of trays
  • Greater level of agitation and control
  • Inherent de-superheating ability
  • Cost effective in larger applications and “utility type” power plants
  • Utilizes a counter flow stripping process
  • Counter-current steam /water tray contact
  • Operating conditions must be rigidly specified at design
  • Best utilized when feed water contains a high percentage of make up water (>50%)
  • Not suitable where water temperature falls below 60 deg F
  • Minimum 30 def F temperature rise
  • Susceptible to tray flooding
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