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Vacuum Sewer Collection System Qua Vac VacuFlow

Vacuum Sewage Collection

Newterra is proud to partner with QUA-VAC B.V. based in the Netherlands. This association establishes Newterra as the exclusive distributor of the Vacuflow product line in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Single Point of Responsibility

The ability to offer collection systems, along with our modular sewage treatment facilities, gives Newterra’s customers a single point of responsibility. With its extensive background in remediation of groundwater and contaminated sites, Newterra naturally decided on the most reliable and environmentally friendly technology available for sewage collection.

In addition to the combined Newterra/QUA-VAC systems, Newterra offers Vacuflow systems on a standalone basis and as a retrofit to other supplier’s existing vacuum sewage equipment. This will directly replace existing systems with Vacuflow systems, which have many technical advantages over competitive designs.

Fully Submersible

VacuFlow is the only fully submersible vacuum valve system on the market today


  1. Gravity connection to house (up to 4), business, condo/apartment
  2. Collection Chamber with Interface Unit
  3. Vacuum Connection
  4. Sawtooth Vacuum Piping in shallow trench
  5. Vacuum Station (may be in Newterra treatment system)
  6. Odor Control Unit (may be in Newterra treatment system)
  7. Discharge to Newterra treatment system or other location


  1. Water flows by gravity to chamber. Vacuflow valve closed.
  2. Start level reached, valve opens.
  3. Water pulled out of chamber by vacuum, air added in
    exact mixture to maximize transport.
  4. Stop level reached, valve closes.


As an alternative to costly gravity sewer systems, or high maintenance pumping systems,
Newterra offers Vacuflow, a proven, environmentally friendly vacuum collection system from
Qua-vac.  In particular the technology addresses:

  • Replacement for failing septic systems
  • Areas with high water table such as:
    – Islands, marinas
    – Coastal communities, lakefront developments
  • Areas with deep trench construction constraints such as bedrock or tight spaces
  • Small villages, ribbon developments, remote camps
  • Rolling terrain
  • Environmentally sensitive or water protection areas
  • New urban development in rural areas
  • Retrofit of existing vacuum system components


The Vacuflow/Newterra Solution

Sewage flows by gravity to a Collection Chamber buried in the ground; gravity connection to
house (up to 4), or to business, condominium or apartment. A central vacuum system applies
a constant vacuum to the piping network, buried in shallow trenches in a sawtooth fashion that
allows liquid to be lifted when necessary. Advantages of this system are:

Lower investment cost due to:

  • Small pipe sizes
  • Shallow, narrow trenches
  • No manholes
  • Pipe around obstacles

No lift stations
Sewage never goes septic, low odors
High velocity in pipes prevents blockages and scours pipe
No infiltration means smaller treatment system
No leakage means no environmental damage
Build in reserve volume at home in case of power outage
Eliminates potential for H2S gas hazards

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