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For Just About Any Water Problem, Newterra Has You Covered

Newterra’s Lifecycle Rental Solutions

New-build solutions can take months and you need a solution now. Newterra has rental systems ready to deploy. Our rental solutions are crafted to address a wide array of challenges swiftly and effectively.

You can’t always budget for emergencies or changing circumstances, and you may not have capital to spare. Tailored for just these situations, our rental program pricing can ensure a fit for your financial situation. All rental systems can include an optional Service and Maintenance Contract to maximize your system’s performance. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive, contract-long warranty.

Explore Our Range of Rental Solutions

Carbon Pressure Vessels

Rent pressure vessels for liquid and vapor treatment, providing efficient and effective solutions for a variety of applications.

Aeration For Wastewater

Discover our surface-mounted water treatment units, designed for easy installation and reliable performance in temporary or remote locations.

Remediation Equipment

Utilize our remediation equipment to address environmental challenges and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Clarification & Filtration Systems

Our rental options for clarification and filtration systems deliver clean and clear water for your projects.

A Newterra Cansorb high pressure liquid phase active carbon adsorber on a trailer with a military vehicle

What Makes Newterra a Better Choice?

We Have the Technical Support to Get You Up and Running

We Design, Manufacture & Stand Behind Our Systems

Systems Are Available Now & Ready For Mobilization

Want To Learn More?

Learn about our rental solutions and how they can help your project