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Surface Aeration Rentals

Transform Your Water Treatment with Newterra’s Triton Rental Solutions

Our Triton 2.0 Series Process Aerator and Mixer represents the pinnacle of aeration technology, delivering unparalleled process flexibility and efficiency. With our rental service, you gain access to equipment that excels in both aeration and mixing, reduces energy consumption by up to 50%, and stands out for its ease of maintenance and operation.

Partner with Newterra for a rental experience that not only meets but exceeds your water treatment requirements, backed by our legacy of innovation and commitment to sustainability.

Newterra Triton 2.0 in water

Use Cases & Applications

  • Lagoon Wastewater Treatment: Triton systems are perfect for enhancing the performance of lagoon-based wastewater treatment facilities. They serve as supplemental or emergency aeration solutions, increasing treatment capacity and efficiency during peak loads or system upgrades, ensuring continuous compliance with environmental standards.
  • Industrial Water Treatment: In industrial settings, Triton aerators adeptly handle complex wastewater streams, providing reliable treatment for varying loads and compositions. They are essential in maintaining operational continuity and meeting stringent industrial effluent requirements.
  • Oxidation Ditch Support: For oxidation ditches, the Triton series offers excellent bridge or supplemental support, enhancing aeration and mixing. This helps maintain optimal conditions for biological processes, improving the overall treatment efficiency and capacity of the facility.
  • Leachate Treatment: Triton systems are also effective in treating leachate, managing the challenging compositions of landfill runoff. They provide robust aeration and mixing, crucial for stabilizing leachate treatment processes and ensuring environmental compliance.

Available in the Following Specifications

  • 10HP
  • 20HP
  • 40HP
  • 60HP
    Available in both float and universal bridge mount solutions


  • Efficient Aeration and Mixing: Tritons provide superior oxygen transfer and mixing capabilities, enhancing the biological treatment process in wastewater systems.
  • Energy-Efficient Design: Engineered for reduced power consumption, leading to significant energy savings and environmental benefits.
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Designed for quick deployment and easy access for maintenance, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.


  • Enhanced Treatment Outcomes: Achieve optimal aeration and mixing in your wastewater treatment process, leading to improved effluent quality and compliance with environmental standards.
  • Energy and Cost Efficiency: Benefit from reduced energy consumption, lowering operational costs and contributing to your facility’s sustainability goals.
  • Guaranteed Operational Reliability: With Newterra’s rental service, enjoy peace of mind knowing that the operational reliability of the Triton system is guaranteed, ensuring consistent performance and minimizing downtime.

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For Just About Any Water Problem, Newterra Has You Covered

Whether you require temporary water treatment for construction sites, need to satisfy compliance issues, or have an emergency situation – we’re here to help. Our readily available rental systems offer the flexibility and reliability needed to meet the demands of your projects efficiently.