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Three white Newterra branded tanks in the field process water while three technicians observe the treatment plant, an additional holding tank and modular treatment container are in the background

You Have Real PFAS Challenges. Newterra Has Real Solutions.

Ensure compliance and safeguard the public with our easy-to-operate filtration and treatment systems. Newterra designs custom treatment solutions tailored to your site’s specific needs, prioritizing cost-efficiency and reliability.

From municipalities to military installations, we deliver optimal PFAS removal systems designed to accommodate the unique composition, type, and concentration of PFAS compounds in each water source. This enables us to create energy-efficient, high-performing solutions for your unique location.

The Newterra Advantage

With 45 years of expertise in water treatment technologies, our proven Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Adsorber Systems effectively remove per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contaminants from municipal water sources nationwide, ensuring compliance. Newterra’s responsive experts provide tailored, high-performing solutions that simplify your operations and stay within budget. From start to finish, we emphasize efficiency, reliability, and timeliness, while minimizing both Capex and Opex.

Four white elevated Cansorb high pressure liquid phase active carbon adsorbers on a concrete slab in an outdoor environment

Municipalities Across North America Are Solving Their PFAS Issues with Newterra

CBS News Philadelphia recently reported on how a local water utility company is using Newterra’s water treatment systems to remove PFAS from water in Lawrenceville, NJ.

Newterra systems install in 8 hours or less, allowing municipalities, like Lawrenceville, to quickly and effectively start treating PFAS contamination. These dual vessel systems come in various sizes, many of which are available for immediate delivery for sale or rental.

PFAS Treatment Solutions

Newterra’s water experts will assess your infrastructure, challenges, and water chemistry to select the ideal treatment media and equipment to address your specific needs.


  • The back washable CANSORB CP holds up to 40,000 lbs per vessel of activated carbon and has flow rates up to 1,000 GPM
  • Newterra offers virgin coal-based, wood-based and coconut-based granular Granular Activated Carbon Filter Media.
  • Ion exchange media has also proven to be a meaningful process for removing the short-chain compounds of PFAS using a selective resin.


  • The CANSORB CP20K-10 and CP20K-12 deep bed, back washable, dual vessel skid adsorption systems using Newterra’s 5DC virgin coconut granulated activated carbon media remove PFAS to non-detectable levels in potable water.  
  • When operated in a series flow pattern, our systems will provide 100% redundancy to ensure a safe water supply.
  • The Newterra Dual-Vessel Activated Carbon Systems are ideal for municipalities looking to upgrade current capabilities to meet the challenges of complying with state and federal regulations.
  • Newterra Systems install in 8 hours or less, allowing drinking water suppliers to quickly and effectively reclaim wells that were shut down due to PFAS contamination. 
  • These dual vessel systems come in various sizes, many of which are available for immediate delivery for sale or rental.
  • With over 40 years of experience, Newterra engineers and technical experts are some of the best in the field.
View from inside a water treatment containing six water treatment tanks connected with source or output pipes extending away from the tanks in a brick building

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8 Tips for a Successful PFAS Removal Study

In recent years, the urgency to address per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) in our water systems has grown exponentially. As these “forever chemicals” come under increased scrutiny due to their potential health impacts and persistence in the environment, water treatment plants (WTPs) face the challenge of effectively removing them. We’ve provided eight tips to help you start on your PFAS removal journey.

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