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PFAS & Emerging Contaminants

Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and emerging contaminants don’t break down easily, making them difficult to remove from our water sources. Newterra offers pre-engineered adsorber filtration systems for effective removal at any flow rate.

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Meet compliance and keep the public safe with filtration and treatment systems that are easy to operate. Newterra designs custom treatment systems to meet the direct needs of your site with cost-efficiency and reliability at the forefront.

From municipalities to military installations, we provide optimal PFAS removal design that accounts for each water source’s overall composition, type and concentration of PFAS compounds. This allows us to customize a solution that’s energy-efficient and high-performing for your unique location.

Reduce Costs With Energy Efficiency

The most cost-beneficial PFAS removal system uses energy efficiently. Newterra considers the physics of your treatment equipment and the impact on energy usage to tailor a system that maximizes your budget. Our systems also have the lowest pressure drop in the industry, which effectively reduces energy usage. 

Custom-Designed Systems for Maximum Filtration

Whether you’re a city engineer or plant manager, we’ll design a system that safeguards the public’s health. Our collaborative team will learn your needs and goals before tailoring a solution that optimizes your filtration, including the removal of a majority of organic contaminants in the water stream.

Meet Regulations With Effective Remediation

Whether you’re a city engineer or plant manager, we’ll design a system that safeguards the public’s health. Our systems will allow you to reach non-detect levels and satisfy the most stringent regulations for PFAS and contaminant removal.

Easy Operation & Continuous Support

Effective filtration systems don’t have to be complicated. Our team of experts designs systems with the end user in mind, delivering you a system that’s easy to understand and simple to operate. Plus, we provide ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your PFAS treatment.

A Proven Partner for Effective Treatment

We understand the urgency of providing safe, clean water to your population while meeting compliance. Our collaborative industry leaders will quickly design effective solutions that work with your environment and optimize your budget, all while satisfying regulations.

We’ve successfully configured hundreds of custom PFAS and emerging contaminant treatment systems across the country, including for a dozen military installations. We also hold the following certifications:

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Code for facilities
  • NSF/ANSI 61 Certification of equipment for regulatory compliance
  • OSHA HAZWOPER Carbon Experts Certification for carbon media exchange services

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With Newterra, you get a lifelong partner dedicated to your current and future success. Our passionate experts determine services and support based on decades of industry knowledge to meet your operational, environmental, regulatory and budgetary goals.

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Our industry-proven engineers are committed to addressing your operational, budgetary, environmental, and regulatory goals. Work closely with us to ensure your immediate needs and long-term potable water needs are met.