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Liquid Phase Vessel Rentals

Experience Comprehensive Care with Newterra’s Liquid Phase Pressure Vessel Rentals

Our service goes beyond just providing a vessel; it encompasses everything from initial design to carbon exchange, ensuring a hassle-free rental experience. As designers and manufacturers of our own vessels, we guarantee quality and performance that meets your specific needs.

With Newterra, you benefit from a complete solution that covers all aspects of your short-term and long-term requirements, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core operations. Trust in our expertise to deliver a seamless, worry-free experience with every rental.

Three Cansorb high pressure liquid phase active carbon adsorbers installed in an outdoor environment are monitored by three wastewater engineers

Use Cases & Applications

  • Groundwater and Stormwater Treatment: Suitable for treating contaminated groundwater and stormwater, these vessels remove harmful organic compounds, aiding environmental remediation and ensuring water quality compliance.
  • Industrial Process Water: Crucial for filtering organic pollutants from process water in industries like petrochemical and manufacturing, ensuring the treated water meets standards for reuse or discharge.
  • Municipal Water and Wastewater: Used in municipal settings to enhance water and wastewater quality by removing contaminants and odors, thus improving municipal water supply standards.
  • Construction Dewatering: Deployed in construction projects to treat extracted water, ensuring environmental compliance before release or reuse, managing construction’s environmental impact.
  • Chemical Spill Response: Rapid deployment in chemical spills to contain and treat hazardous liquids, preventing environmental damage and aiding in cleanup efforts.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Utilized in the food and beverage sector to purify process water, removing organic contaminants to ensure water used in production processes meets industry standards.

Available in the Following Specifications

  • CP-500 – 78 Max GPM – 500 lbs. Standard Carbon Fill
  • CP-1000 – 115 Max GPM – 1,000 lbs. Standard Carbon Fill
  • CP-2000 – 145 Max GPM – 2,000 lbs. Standard Carbon Fill
  • CP-3000 – 235 Max GPM – 3,000 lbs. Standard Carbon Fill
  • CP-5000 – 400 Max GPM – 5,000 lbs. Standard Carbon Fill
  • CP10K8 – 500 Max GPM – 10,000 lbs. Standard Carbon Fill
  • CP20K12 – 1,000 Max GPM – 20,000 lbs. Standard Carbon Fill


  • Advanced Contaminant Removal: Utilizes liquid phase vapor technology to effectively remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and contaminants from air and gas streams.
  • Integrated System Design: Offers a complete solution with vessels, controls, and support services, ensuring seamless integration and efficient operation.
  • Flexible Rental Options: Provides customizable rental plans tailored to project durations and specific treatment needs, offering cost-effective solutions.


  • Enhanced Air Quality: Ensures clean and compliant air emissions by efficiently removing VOCs and contaminants, contributing to a healthier environment.
  • Turnkey Solution: Includes full support services such as installation, maintenance, and monitoring, minimizing operational burdens and ensuring system reliability.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces capital expenses with rental options and lowers operational costs through efficient contaminant removal and system optimization.

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