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In today’s decentralized approach to water and wastewater treatment, it’s harder than ever to keep on top of your system’s performance. Newterra’s digital tools are an important component of a sound operations strategy. And Newterra is constantly innovating, to deliver more intelligence and expertise to your system to support you, your operators, and your bottom line.

Newterra's Scada application is shown on a mobile device held by  person's left hand

Newterra’s digital solutions for Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs), and Remediation are designed with our customers in mind. By creating a real-time line of sight to operations status and, when the customer allows, remote access to touch screens and programmable logic controller (PLC), our digital solutions are force-multipliers for the operator. Our process engineers can effectively diagnose problems and recommend sound solutions, even implement them. Programming can be updated remotely. If on-site work is required, our technicians show up on-site already informed with a sense of what work is necessary to resolve issues.

Digital solutions are a small but integral piece of Newterra’s total service offering and ensure our customer’s peace of mind.


  • Bank-level security
  • Our digital solution will email/text out upon alarm and also provide a daily system status report.
  • Operating data is collected and available for download from the secure  Customer Portal or locally at the HMI.
  • In addition to the HMI screens, the following information is available on the Customer Portal. All information is readily available whether on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
    • Operation & Maintenance Manual(s)
    • Informative How-To Instructions & Videos
    • Troubleshooting Guides
    • Searchable Parts List and Easy Access to our Parts Team
    • Service Reminders and Easy Access to our Service Team


  • Enable remote operations
  • Retain history and operational records
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Enable predictive maintenance
  • Informed and real-time support from Newterra process engineers
  • More rapid diagnosis when problems do arise, and a greater probability of remote remedy
  • Better support for operators
  • More uptime, less downtime, fewer costs, and lower operational burden
Newterra water treatment solutions

Optimized Water Treatment with Our Digital Solutions

Newterra’s digital solutions help navigate the complexities of decentralized water and wastewater treatment and play a crucial role in a robust operations strategy, providing intelligence and data to enhance system performance. With continuous innovation, we aim to support your team and improve your plant’s efficiency.