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CANSORB and ECONO Liquid Phase Granular Activated Carbon Adsorber Drum Systems

CANSORB and ECONO Liquid Phase Granular Activated Carbon Adsorber Drums utilize a wide variety of carbon media for environmental remediation and purification applications for even flow and efficient activated carbon utilization.

A lidded blue barrel branded with Newterra logo and a black outflow plug

Product Overview

With 20 years of experience, the Newterra CANSORB Adsorber Carbon Steel Drums remove trace contaminants in environmental remediation applications. The system is available in a series of disposable and refillable activated carbon adsorbers constructed of carbon steel and offers a double epoxy/phenolic lining.

The ECONO L and LS Activated Carbon Adsorber Drum Systems offer dependable performance and competitive pricing. These systems feature a specially constructed collection system designed to promote even flow distribution and thus efficiently utilize activated carbon and have a low-pressure drop.   The Econo-L Adsorber 55-gallon drum can withstand the rigors of environmental remediation applications since they are constructed of polyethylene with a closed head, while the Econo LS Adsorber may be used where a steel drum is preferred.


  • The “OH” designation on the model number indicates open head (reliable) adsorber. 
  • Desired contact time may allow higher or lower flow rates.
  • Dry virgin activated or reactivated carbon is provided as standard adsorbent.
  • Maximum adsorbent fill is based on a bed density of 27 lb/ft3. 
  • Maximum adsorbent fill  can differ based on variable bed density and alternate adsorbents

Technical Specifications


CANSORB Adsorber Drums: Carbon steel with a double epoxy/phenolic lining, except for the C15-TX, which has metal internals.

ECONO L Adsorber Drums:  Polyethylene

ECONO LS Adsorber Drums:  Steel.

Modular Activated Carbon Liquid Phase Adsorber Drums

Model #Max Flow GPMMax Press (PSIG)Max TempMax Adsorb Fill
CANSORB C-551130110
CANSORB C-5 OH56130110
CANSORB C-5 Special151130200
CANSORB C-15 TX151130200
CANSORB C-15 OH151130200
ECONO L153130150
ECONO LS153130200

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