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The Texas hill country has unique water challenges and needs

You Have Real Wastewater Challenges. Newterra Has Real Solutions.

Newterra offers a range of pre-engineered, self-contained treatment systems that are proven, reliable and hassle-free that can work with any discharge demand.

Whether short or long term, there’s no need to make large, complex upfront-capital investments with these scalable containerized solutions. So when you need to get the job done, try a dependable different approach that will save you time and money.

The Newterra Advantage

Each Newterra Clear3 system of Membrane Bioreactors offers distinct advantages over the competition.

  • Our modular solutions are designed to be easy to install and grow with you. Making reliable and cost-effective solutions for wastewater treatment operations that scale with you.
  • We offer a variety of customization options that allow customers to tailor their systems to fit their specific needs.
  • Our decentralized membrane bioreactor system can treat wastewater in smaller, distributed facilities that are more cost-effective and require less energy than a centralized system.

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Navigating Towards Sustainable Water Solutions in Rural Communities

Addressing water issues in rural areas requires a harmonious blend of innovative technology and proactive legislative action. The challenges, ranging from aging infrastructure to contamination threats, underscore the critical need for comprehensive and sustainable water management solutions.

Decentralized Treatment Solutions

Newterra offers a range of pre-engineered, self-contained treatment systems that simplify and expedite the process of providing potable water to small communities, resorts, and other developments. These modular systems offer cost-effective treatment – regardless of the water source – and accommodate additional treatment units as capacity requirements grow.


  • Newterra treatment systems are available in a number of configurations to suit your site requirements and
  • Allow fast integration, commissioning, and operation
  • Fully packaged, self-contained units
  • Skidded units for incorporation into an existing or new facility
  • Fully plumbed and wired to expedite set-up on site.
  • METcertified facility
  • Systems undergo comprehensive hydraulic, electrical and controls testing.


  • Address the potable water requirements for a wide range of populations – from our standardized, pre-engineered systems for resorts and condominium complexes to customized systems for large residential developments.
  • Unique “building block” and self-contained systems design.
  • Modular to accommodate different treatment technologies, and are
  • Scalable – allowing additional units to be added in stages as they’re required.
  • Cost-effective approach to expanding the capacity of existing water treatment plants
  • Built for the extremes
  • Designed for easy operations
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What Makes Newterra a Better Choice?

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We Have the Technical Support to Get You Up and Running

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We Design, Manufacture & Stand Behind Our Systems

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Systems Are Available Now & Ready For Mobilization

Smart Water Management Systems

Digital solutions provide real-time data and insights into plant operations, allowing for rapid analysis and troubleshooting. By delivering detailed performance data directly to plant managers, engineers, and operators, these tools enable timely decision-making and corrective actions.

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Learn about our MBRs and decentralized solutions and how they can help your project