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Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions for
Chemical Processing

For Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemical Processing industries, water and wastewater treatment needs can be complex and financially burdensome. Newterra’s customer-focused team develops robust, versatile solutions that effectively meet the demands of your industry.

Chemical processing performed with Newterra's products


Whether you’re trying to meet regulatory compliance, improve sustainability or optimize your production, you need solutions that are right for your unique situation.

As a trusted water leader, Newterra offers tailored solutions designed to maximize your time and budget. Our in-house design experience and comprehensive services ensure long-performing solutions for every stage of your facility’s water cycle.

Solutions to Meet Evolving Regulations

Since regulatory demands are constantly changing, meeting compliance can be a significant hurdle. With our decades of proven expertise by your side, you’ll successfully mitigate risk, comply with regulations and exceed your ESG goals for all your water discharges.

Cost-Effective Expansion & Replacement

Our tailored solutions offer a cost-beneficial method for upgrading equipment or expanding your facility. Each system focuses on maximizing your water efficiency, reducing operational downtime and meeting your production or compliance requirements.

Reliable, Long-Term Performance

To avoid costly fines and surcharges, it’s essential to have solutions that enhance your facility’s performance. Newterra’s proven technology and breadth of proven solutions are designed for reliable longevity and efficacy, allowing you to maximize your time spent on your core business.

A Service-Minded Partnership

From financial burdens to time constraints, we know the obstacles you face. Our collaborative service team creates a time-saving experience that quickly and efficiently handles your water needs, from servicing your systems to supporting long term operational needs for parts and consumables.

Decrease Onsite Work for a Variety of Applications

Your industrial water and wastewater challenges are unique to your situation, making it difficult to find the right solution. Thanks to our dedicated Sales, Engineering and Service teams, we’re able to help you navigate any obstacles in a way which performs and is cost-effective.

With a focus on modular, containerized and packaged systems, we develop solutions that are easy to implement while optimizing your overall efficiency. Our vast industry knowledge and innovative technologies can serve a wide range of applications:

  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Industrial Stormwater
  • PFAS & Emerging Contaminants Removal
  • Groundwater Remediation

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