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Granular Activated Carbon and Media Exchange Services

Newterra provides a wide range of bulk Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter media to handle organics removal in industrial, municipal, remediation, and other applications. We have an extensive line of granular activated-carbon filter media for both liquid phase and vapor phase adsorption applications. 

When your media has lost its ability to reduce contaminants, our trained professionals, backed by Newterra’s experience in the design and implementation of liquid and vapor phase treatment systems, provide complete on-site vacuum services. Our trained technicians will arrive on-site and safely clean and remove vapor phase and liquid phase media. We embrace the entire lifecycle of your system.

Activated carbon is added to a Newterra tank by a large forklift via an industrial fabric bag, a metal ladder rests against the white tank branded with Newterra's logo


Newterra provides virgin coconut activated carbon and coal-based GAC as well as reactivated carbon for various adsorption processes. We deliver carbon in amounts ranging from 55 lb bags up to bulk-activated carbon orders in the tens of thousands of pounds.

In addition to activated carbon media, Newterra offers a variety of media to remove inorganic materials. One type is a specially prepared activated alumina for arsenic removal, another is bone char, or hydroxyapatite, which sorbs lead and other metals.

Newterra’s oil adsorption media consists of either modified clay or zeolite. Oil absorption media is capable of removing 80-90% of the undissolved oil present in an influent water stream.

Newterra’s gravel and sand filtration media have the capability to achieve suspended solids reduction in applications having particles above 10 microns. Smaller particles down to 5 microns may be controlled using garnet or zeolite. Packages are available with anthracite to increase capacity.

Media Exchange Services

Our experienced, technical sales reps will help mitigate the hassle of completing the required paperwork and assist in meeting regulatory guidelines during activated carbon change-outs, vessel exchanges, or disposals. Whether you want to change out spent activated carbon on-site, or swap depleted vessels with freshly-filled ones, Newterra’s nationwide network of Certified Activated Carbon Exchange pros have you covered. 

Our 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER-certified carbon change-out professionals not only exchange your spent carbon, but they will also inspect your vessels and make minor repairs if necessary. Newterra offers one of the most extensive lines of bulk granular activated carbon filter media and vessels in the industry for both liquid phase and vapor phase applications. Newterra also has a large, in-stock inventory of activated carbon equipment available for sale or ready to rent.

If you have an air or water stream with multi-component contaminants, Newterra can help size the vessel required or estimate the amount of activated carbon needed on a daily or yearly basis with our predictive model.


  • Newterra offers an optimized solution. As a vertically integrated technology company, we aren’t transactional. We’ll look for ways to improve your system to:
    1. Consume media less rapidly
    2. Use the media you “need” for your situation
    3. Minimize the amount of solids coming through the carbon​
  • Visual inspection ensures the life of your equipment​
  • We take care of the carbon, so you stay focused on your job
Newterra water treatment solutions

Enhance Filtration with Newterra’s GAC and Media Services

Newterra provides a wide range of granular activated carbon for various applications. When media efficiency declines, our experts deliver swift on-site services for media or vessel replacement when efficiency declines, ensuring continuous system performance. Trust in our comprehensive approach for your filtration needs.