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Collection of primarily red vehicles are stacked for recycling

Water Treatment Solutions for
Recycling & Landfills

Whether you’re facing long-term compliance challenges or need immediate solutions, Newterra’s here to support you in resolving all your water challenges. Through sophisticated technology and industry expertise, we’ll help you optimize treatment efficiency, comply with regulations and stay on budget.

Technician in red hoodie guides the concrete lid of a water treatment technology at a automotive junkyard to its base container buried in the group with the aid of a crane, cars for crushing are stacked in the background


Managing environmental risk, satisfying regulations and upgrading equipment are financial burdens for landfills and recycling facilities.

Newterra’s engineers deploy industrial wastewater and stormwater solutions that thoroughly address your unique situation. From compliance needs to water sustainability, you’ll benefit from sophisticated systems which are cost-beneficial, simple to integrate and easy to operate.

Compliance With Discharge Regulations

We know you’re up against the toughest environmental discharge requirements. That’s why we develop comprehensive solutions that successfully meet regulatory compliance and avert potential risk.

Reduce Costs, Minimize Waste

Our modular technologies lower the costs of installation with minimal infrastructure and construction needs. These cost-efficient solutions allow you to fully maximize your budget and focus your efforts on your core needs.

A Higher Level of Performance

Performance is key to your operational longevity and efficiency. Our engineers design and develop robust, reliable systems that deliver high-quality performance for long-lasting use.  Our service technicians ensure our systems remain at the peak of their performance year after year.

Full Support & Quality Service

Achieving your goals is easier with our dedicated team of industry experts. By managing each stage of the process, we save you time and effort with solutions that prioritize your budget, compliance and clean water results.

Easy Integration, Sustainable Outcomes

When seeking sustainable water treatment and remediation, the disruption of your operations can be an undesired consequence. Our modular and containerized water solutions minimize on-site construction, allowing for fast integration and worry-free operation.

With environmental and economical sustainability at the forefront, you’ll receive quality solutions that safeguard your community, manage environmental risk and enable smoother operations. Newterra’s solutions serve a variety of applications, including:

  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Industrial Stormwater
  • Groundwater Remediation

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