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Serving Diverse Markets with Tailored Solutions

With decades of successful experience implementing a broad array of technologies in numerous applications, Newterra has helped a wide range of markets solve their toughest challenges and successfully meet compliance. You’ll receive tailored solutions focused on cost-efficiency and operational ease to quickly meet your water quality goals.

A Newterra system tucked away behind some trees in a neighborhood

Private Development

Cost-effective water and waste-water solutions for private development; residential, communities, camps, and commercial. Newterra’s industry-leading experts provide cost-effective, easily installed custom or pre-engineered systems and technology to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

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Agricultural setting for Newterra's Unisystem water treatment plant technology


Learn about our low-cost water solutions that minimize waste and meet regulations. Newterra’s customized, modular and scalable systems produce clean water for use, reuse and disposal.

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Pale yellow shipping container modular food and beverage water treatment solution sits outdoors on a concrete slab

Food & Beverage

Meet your water quality compliance and sustainability goals with Newterra. Reduce costs with robust solutions for industrial, process, and stormwater water treatment for the food and beverage industry.

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Four Newterra water treatment units sit side by side on a concrete slab at a oil and gas refinery

Oil & Gas

Newterra’s wide range of technologies provides cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions for oil and gas production. Learn how to solve your water challenges today.

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Flooding of an industrial building outdoors showing a blue and pale green building with white foundation submerged and garage stalls open, image has gradient of black to light grey on all sides top start black and fades left to right with the dark color starting the next side forming a pattern of dark to light.


Reduce costs with custom-designed industrial stormwater and groundwater remediation solutions for the transportation industry. Newterra’s advanced solutions and services will help you meet compliance.

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Newterra container solution at a mining site, workers in high visibility


Fortify your mining water infrastructure with Newterra. From potable water to sanitary wastewater, we deploy cost-effective, modular solutions to support your facility operation and sustainability.

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Aerial view of an aquaculture operation using Newterra aerator equipment consisting of twelve contained growing areas where the aerator agitate the water


For your healthy growing harvest, Newterra provides reliable and low-maintenance Aspirators for aquaculture farms’. Learn how to optimize your water remediation services, including solutions for soil, groundwater and water reuse. Learn how to optimize your water remediation today.

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