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Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions for

Commercial Development

Whether you’re facing the expense of water and/or wastewater servicing or seeking treatment for contaminated water sources, we can help. Netwerra customizes long-term solutions that minimize budget, optimize site efficiency and meet the strictest regulations.

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Expanding infrastructure, remediating water sources and keeping up with regulatory requirements and emerging contaminants all bring a variety of costly challenges. Newterra helps commercial developers navigate any project constraints with budget-friendly solutions.

As a single-point supplier, our goal is to meet your current needs and help you effectively plan for the future. Thanks to our in-house process, you’ll quickly receive custom water and wastewater solutions that are reliable, high-quality and cost-efficient.

Innovative Solutions for Long-Term Success

Your project’s success depends on high-quality systems with a long lifecycle. At Newtera, our industry proven engineers develop superior technology designed for long-term performance, resilience and reliability.

Optimize Your Operations & Budget

Thanks to our prefabricated technology, you receive water and wastewater treatment systems that simplify installation through minimal on-site construction work. This helps you decrease fieldwork, integration time and installation costs.

Scalable Systems for Progressive Growth

The ability to scale directly impacts your budget. Newterra’s systems lay the groundwork for future water and wastewater infrastructure, allowing you to time future expansions while meeting current demand. 

Satisfy Regulatory Requirements

Meeting compliance is no small task. Our customized solutions will enable you to meet evolving regulations on all levels, including PFAS, helping you to mitigate risk and improve your water quality in the most cost-efficient way.

Resolve Your Site’s Unique Challenges

Every site’s water and wastewater treatment has a set of distinct requirements. At Newterra, we use our leading industry expertise to support you in navigating any challenges and constraints with ease. 

Whether you’re working on a golf course, commercial plaza or hotel, we’ll provide customizable solutions that effectively address your needs. Our high-performance solutions include:

  • MBR Wastewater Treatment
  • PFAS and Emerging Contaminants Adsorber Filtration Systems
  • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Wastewater Treatment
  • UniSystem Package Wastewater Treatment
  • Surface Aeration 
  • Potable Water Treatment, including Pressure Vessels and Membrane Treatment Technologies
  • Desalination for potable water
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems for commercial usage

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With Newterra, you get a lifelong partner dedicated to your current and future success. Our passionate experts determine services and support based on decades of industry knowledge to meet your operational, environmental, regulatory and budgetary goals.

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Enhance Efficiency in Commercial Development Water Treatment

Optimize your site’s efficiency and comply with stringent regulations while minimizing budget impacts with custom solutions that streamline the challenges of managing water and wastewater. Long-term, tailored strategies ensure your commercial development projects achieve sustainability and operational excellence without the financial strain.