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Parts and Consumables Support

Newterra is fully dedicated to supporting all of its customers long after their initial capital purchase. Newterra provides outstanding support for Newterra brands and other original equipment manufacturers (OEM) systems. We provide replacement parts that will extend the life of existing equipment and optimize your budget.

Closed cardboard boxes and wrapped with adhesive on conveyor roller and branded with Newterra logo and printed with Genuine OEM Parts as part of Newterra's consumable product line

Maintaining water and wastewater treatments systems can be a daunting task. Understanding the parts you need and when you need them is integral to keeping your system running. If you’re struggling to figure out what’s wrong with your system, our team will listen. We strive to efficiently and cost-effectively help you identify the parts (and service) you need now. Trust Newterra to help you identify the right parts and right preventative maintenance program for your system and application.

Maximize System Longevity with Newterra Support

Keep your water treatment systems in top condition with Newterra’s dedicated parts and consumables support. Offering premium parts for both Newterra and OEM systems, we help extend equipment life and optimize your budget. Trust our experts for efficient, cost-effective guidance and maintenance solutions.