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Long-Lasting and Reliable

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

If you’re challenged by your budget, struggling to address compliance needs or need to optimize the performance of your wastewater treatment, we’re here for you. Newterra’s high-performing solutions are long-lasting, reliable and budget-friendly.

Newterra's industrial wastewater technology

Solve Your Industrial Wastewater Problems

Need a fast solution that meets regulatory compliance? Worried about shutting your facility down? Newterra can help. Our wide range of cost-effective, modular wastewater treatment methods will help you solve your industrial wastewater challenges and position you for future success.

Our team will provide you with long-lasting, compliant, and high-performance systems that are within your budgetary constraints. Combined with our service capabilities and complement of lifecycle solutions, we’ll bring peace of mind to your industrial wastewater treatment issues long after installation of your system, and enable you to focus on your core business.

Efficient Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems That Meet Compliance

Keeping up with evolving regulations and mitigating risk can be overwhelming and pollutants discharged can lead to costly fines. We prioritize performance, compliance, minimizing environmental impact, and EHS measures. At Newterra, we are committed to environmental stewardship, ensuring that our wastewater treatment solutions meet regulatory compliance and contribute to preserving and enhancing our natural environment. With our team of experts by your side, you’ll successfully navigate water treatment challenges while experiencing peace of mind.

High-Performance Wastewater Treatment Systems

Removing toxic compounds and suspended solids from effluent is crucial, and high-performance wastewater treatment systems play a key role in this process. These substances could severely threaten the environment and human health if not removed. Our high-performance systems ensure effective and efficient treatment, guaranteeing that discharged water meets regulatory standards for wastewater effluent.

Long-Lasting and Reliable Systems

Newterra systems are designed with longevity and reliability in mind. We offer durable solutions that stand the test of time. Robust and resilient construction ensures our systems withstand the rigors of industrial use, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements. Our tailored systems are inherently adaptable and capable of accommodating evolving regulations and advances in wastewater treatment technology. This adaptability ensures ongoing compliance and prolongs the effective lifespan of Newterra systems.

Cost-Beneficial Solutions

Navigate rising operational costs and avoid financial burdens with our innovative approaches and comprehensive services. Our team specializes in developing cost-efficient treatment solutions to support your business strategy and operational needs. Lower your operating costs and disposal costs with an effective wastewater treatment system from Newterra.

Quick & Cooperative Service

We know you have a lot on your plate, from budget constraints to water scarcity. That’s why we create a simple and fast experience to save you time and effort. Our collaborative team of engineers and experts will efficiently handle your wastewater treatment and reuse needs so you can focus on running your operations.

Solve Your Industrial  Wastewater Challenges With a Dedicated Team

When it comes to industrial wastewater, each challenge is completely unique to your situation. That’s why our team of industry-proven engineers is committed to developing tailored solutions that effectively address your operational, budgetary, environmental and regulatory goals.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your immediate needs and long-term objectives. Using our broad expertise and in-house design process, we’ll develop and implement superior solutions and services that minimize on-site infrastructure and labor.

We provide industrial wastewater treatment processes to a variety of industries, including:

Treating Industrial Wastewater at Scale

At Newterra, we help industrial wastewater treatment plants process a variety of wastewater types. This includes organic waste, such as food byproducts, oils, and grease, common in the food and beverage industry. Our systems can treat inorganic waste like heavy metals from manufacturing processes, pharmaceutical residues, and harsh chemicals from chemical processing plants. Our technologies can help manage solid waste and sludge from recycling and landfill activities and other industries. Newterra delivers effective treatment solutions for conventional and complex waste compositions, ensuring your business meets its environmental obligations.

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With Newterra, you get a lifelong partner dedicated to your current and future success. Our passionate experts determine services and support based on decades of industry knowledge to meet your operational, environmental, regulatory and budgetary goals.

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Long-Lasting Solutions for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

When it comes to industrial wastewater systems, no two challenges are the same. That’s why our team is dedicated to creating tailored solutions that use our pre-engineered technology to meet your operational, financial, environmental, and regulatory goals effectively.