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A water sprayer sprays seedling in a large commercial greenhouse.

Water Treatment Solutions for

Are you challenged to safely reuse your condensate and irrigation water? Newterra can help. We specialize in solving industrial water, process water, wastewater and contaminant removal challenges with innovative, cost-effective technologies and services.

Agricultural setting for Newterra's Unisystem water treatment plant technology


With operations in the controlled agriculture environment it’s critical to have sustainable water solutions that meet environmental social governance (ESG) goals and help maximize product yield.
Thanks to our broad expertise, Newterra’s team develops scalable, modular solutions which support your long-term success. You’ll benefit from reliable, high-performance systems which reduce onsite infrastructure work and support your operational success.

Reuse Your Water Safely and Effectively

H2O Engineering can help you filter unwanted well water contaminants and reuse irrigation water.   By combining a filtration system designed specifically for your well water with an ozone treatment program to kill pathogens and molds (including phytophthora and pythium) and oxygenate your water, we help you reuse water and fertilizer, saving you money.

Satisfy Compliance With Proven Technologies Systems

Regulations are continuously changing, making it challenging to maintain full compliance. Our comprehensive approach and reliable solutions allow you to effectively comply with discharge regulations, avert risk and protect your investments.

Versatile Solutions to Solve any Challenge

You need capable solutions to practically address your specific situation. Thanks to our innovative technologies and extensive expertise, we can deliver agile, tailored solutions to successfully meet your needs.

Quality Service for Long-Term Performance

The performance of your systems directly impacts your operations and overall costs. With our service capabilities, we ensure that your solutions are optimized and maintained for the long term, providing minimal interruption to your core operations.

Minimize Construction & Development With Modular Systems

Effective systems allow you to fully focus on the job in front of you. Newterra’s team of experts designs customized solutions that are easy to implement and require minimal infrastructure and construction efforts. Our modular, containerized and packaged systems minimize your overall construction time and cost.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Improved Sustainability

Access to clean water is vital for all life on our planet, and water scarcity continues to be a challenge. To support your environmental and economic longevity, we develop solutions that optimize the management of your resources while also maximizing your budget.

Our proven technology minimizes your overall footprint by supplying clean, safe water for reuse. From perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) removal to ozone disinfection, you’ll get effective solutions that increase your water availability and help you adhere to United Nations ESG goals.

The cost-efficiency of your systems also affects the overall sustainability of your operations. That’s why we develop streamlined solutions that are robust, dependable and work within your economic limits. As a result, you’ll achieve sustainable success across the board. Applications include:

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