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Treatment Solutions for

Industrial Stormwater

Stormwater management comes with a host of challenges, from contaminant testing to pollutant removal. Compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations is critical for risk mitigation and future planning. Newterra safeguards your investments with pre-engineered stormwater treatment solutions and runoff services.

Industrial stormwater solution consisting of a shipping container with PVC plastic tubes extending in and around the unit in front of a water holding tank branded with Newterra's logo.


Stormwater regulations are constantly evolving and becoming more strict. The high costs of land and treatment navigation are overwhelming. You need a management system that sets the stage for sustainable development. At Newterra, we’re here to help.

Our industry-leading engineers look beyond conventional solutions to improve stormwater runoff. You’ll benefit from specialized technology and systems that are effective, affordable and simple to integrate.

To help you select the most cost-beneficial solution for your specific site, our collaborative experts manage each stage of the process. This allows you to experience peace of mind with systems that prioritize compliance and risk mitigation.

Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • Site evaluation, assessment and consulting
  • Product demonstration
  • Bench and pilot testing
  • Treatment system design and engineering
  • Fabrication and manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection

A Trusted Partner for Stormwater Compliance

Understand risk and meet compliance with the power of supportive experts by your side. Our systems are designed specifically to help operating industrial sites comply with the permit requirements for:

  • The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
  • The Industrial and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4)
  • The Best Available Technology (BAT) and Best Conventional Pollution Control Technology (BCT)
  • The Clean Water Act (CWA)

We’re also certified by the Washington State Department of Ecology GULD. 

Cost-Effective Innovation & Technologies

Navigating the costs of design and system implementation is a significant hurdle. That’s why our team of visionary engineers provides industrial sites with cost-efficient treatment technologies. 

From our product design to our research and development team, we’re continually improving and developing systems that optimize your stormwater treatment. Our progressive technologies include:

  • Aquip Filtration System
  • Clara Separators
  • Zinc-B-Gone (ZBG) Pro Roof Runoff Filters 

Engineering & Industrial Expertise

You need stormwater solutions that fulfill compliance and thoroughly address every challenge of your field. Newterra equips you with effective products and services that encompass every aspect of stormwater treatment, including:

  • Regulations
  • Hydrology
  • Integration
  • Water treatment

Complete System Maintenance

Ensuring compliance requires efficient maintenance. With our maintenance supply packages and replacement parts inventories, we’ll keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently. Your stormwater samples will continually remain below standards thanks to our turnkey system maintenance.

Benefitting Your Industry With Efficient Systems

Proper stormwater treatment and systems ensure a livable environment for US workers and their families. No matter your industry, Newterra’s quality systems and best management practices help manage environmental risk so you can focus on running your business.

Our emphasis on affordability, efficiency and innovation allows us to serve a wide range of industries, including:

  • Metal products
  • Land transportation
  • Water transportation
  • Energy
  • Marine
  • New and redevelopment
  • Roof runoff
  • Salvage and recycling
  • Wood products and sawmills
  • Food processing
  • Chemicals
  • Concrete products
  • Household appliance manufacturing
  • Covered landfills
  • Semiconductor plants

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With Newterra, you get a lifelong partner dedicated to your current and future success. Our passionate experts determine services and support based on decades of industry knowledge to meet your operational, environmental, regulatory and budgetary goals.

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Enhance Your Industrial Stormwater Management Efforts

Newterra is committed to exceptional service and custom stormwater solutions. We focus on contaminant testing, pollutant removal, and compliance with laws and regulations. We protect your investments with advanced treatment solutions and runoff services, ensuring effective risk mitigation through strategic planning.