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Treatment Solutions for

Domestic Wastewater

We make water safe to return to the environment. If you’re challenged by budgets, struggling with compliance, or need to optimize the performance of your wastewater treatment, Newterra’s future-proof solutions are reliable and budget-friendly. We are here for you.

A domestic wastewater installation with a metal building and a series of pipes and a hoist attached to the exterior of the building


For your project to be successful, it’s essential to have quality wastewater treatment solutions with long-term reliability. Through sophisticated technology, Newterra provides low-cost systems that are easy to implement, operate and maintain.

Whether you’re in a remote mining camp, an RV park, a new housing development, or an aging municipal treatment system, our team of industry-proven experts can support you in navigating any obstacles. We’ll quickly develop and deliver efficient solutions that meet compliance, allow for growth, and upgrade performance.

Simplified Installation & Integration

Save time and money with easy installation. Our prefabricated systems are easy to integrate and greatly reduce field construction costs and schedules. Thanks to our innovative technology, you’ll enjoy streamlined installation and efficient operations.

Water Reuse

Conserve fresh water resources, comply with reuse regulations, and increase drought resiliency using reclaimed water from our advanced treatment systems for irrigation, toilet flushing, cooling towers, and other non-potable or indirect potable uses. 

Industry-Leading Expertise

It’s easier to meet compliance, understand risk and solve challenges with a team of water experts by your side. From high servicing costs to capacity issues, Newterra helps you overcome any hurdles and improve your wastewater treatment systems.

Cost-Effective Systems for Scalability

Whether you want to scale down your treatment or plan for expansion, it’s critical to pace the costs of your system. Our advanced treatment technologies allow you to downsize equipment, upgrade performance and prepare for future demands, which allows you to stay on budget and avoid premature costs.

Qua-vac Vacuum Sewage Technology

The Qua-vac Vacuflow® system, represented by Newterra, is a clean and highly efficient system for environmentally acceptable sewerage disposal. Compared with conventional sewerage systems, the construction and installation of vacuum sewerage systems are considerably simpler and cheaper. In addition, the Vacuflow® system is virtually maintenance-free. It operates within a closed and leak-proof vacuum network. Because of this, the environment will benefit too. No sewage can escape and pollute surrounding areas.

Quality Technologies for Remote Locations

Keep your workers safe and protect your environment with plug-and-play solutions. Designed for the roughest and most remote camps, our effective systems will keep you in full compliance, reduce environmental impacts and mitigate overall risk.

Reliable Solutions for a Clean Water Future

Our innovative products and services are designed to have a resilient and reliable lifecycle that maximizes your operations and budget. 

Thanks to their robust design, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting performance from our surface aerators in the most remote, debris-heavy environments and activated sludge systems.

  • Upgrading and expanding existing infrastructure
  • Increasing capacity, efficiency and performance
  • Reducing odor
  • Increasing mixing and aeration capacity
  • Decreasing power consumption
  • Eliminating tank draining

Not only do our Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Systems create a minimal footprint and satisfy the strictest regulations, but they also provide a number of performance-boosting solutions, including:

  • Complete modular facilities with no need for additional building structures
  • Treated effluent suitable for the strictest reuse applications
  • Telemetry and remote access for reduced operator time on site
  • Reducing assembly, installation and maintenance time and costs

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A wastewater engineer controls the quality of water and aerated activated sludge tank at a waste water treatment plant by turning a compound valve in accordance to figures on a clipboard


With Newterra, you get a lifelong partner dedicated to your current and future success. Our passionate experts determine services and support based on decades of industry knowledge to meet your operational, environmental, regulatory and budgetary goals.

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Solve Your Domestic Wastewater Challenges

If you’re dealing with budget constraints, compliance issues, or a need to improve the efficiency of your domestic wastewater treatment, we’re here to help. Newterra offers durable, dependable, and cost-effective solutions that deliver outstanding performance.