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Modernizations of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

It’s time to transform your water and wastewater systems for the future.

A modular wastewater treatment unit in a mountainous location cleans water

As time wears on, water and wastewater infrastructure installed years and sometimes decades ago ages. Demand and flow rates change, regulations change, effluent criteria change, technologies degrade, and costs continue to rise. Newterra’s complement of water and wastewater treatment technologies can help our customers keep pace with changing times. Whether it be improving aeration in lagoon systems or oxidation ditches, upgrading to the latest membrane technologies, or modernizing PLC and control setups, these and other forms of water and wastewater treatment can be upgraded to meet modern demands and reduce costs.


  • The latest technologies to increase reliability and performance
  • A quick and easy way to improve your system’s performance
  • Optimized capital deployment
  • A seamless integration with your building’s existing infrastructure


  • Reduce equipment downtimes
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce labor requirements
  • Improve system performance
  • Meet more stringent operational parameters
Newterra Water treatment solutions

Modernize Your Water Systems with Newterra

Elevate your infrastructure with Newterra’s cutting-edge solutions. Upgrade to advanced water and wastewater technologies that reduce costs and meet stringent regulations. Act now for seamless integration and enhanced performance.