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Project Management, Startup and Commissioning

You’ve made too large an investment to rely on anything but world-class startup and commissioning services. Timely communication and responsiveness are critical. Newterra’s commissioning services give owners and operators confidence in their system’s performance. We assure that all our systems and components have been designed, installed, tested, and function according to the operational requirements, all of which are carefully documented in our Commissioning Report. Commissioning ensures optimized performance and efficiency of your water and wastewater treatment systems.

Water treatment professionals gather around a water treatment tank

Proper planning and implementation is essential to avoiding unecessary costs when starting up a new system. Delays, costly retrofits and an impacted relationship with regulators and community members can all be avoided. Improper startup services can also result in difficulties with system performance and make new systems harder to maintain in the long run.

This means that working with experienced professionals to set things up the right way is critical to ensuring the success of a new wastewater treatment system. Newterra designed the system, so you can rely on Newterra to set it up right. 

Newterra’s experts will help any owner or operator through plant startup procedures to install and launch new treatment systems.  We will take the steps necessary to ensure that site staff has the training they need to successfully operate the system once we’re gone. And if any additional needs come up, we’re only a phone call away. 

Newterra’s field service staff are highly trained and the best in the business. Some of our staff have decades of wastewater plant operations experience themselves, and we have worked on-site at hundreds of facilities. 

Your satisfaction through start-up is our commitment.


  • Peace of mind that your system has been installed correctly, is tested and working
  • Trouble-free operation of your system from the start. Less risk of future downtime.
  • Save money on running costs and future repairs
  • Issued with a full commissioning report for your system
  • Available on our full range of wastewater and surface water products
Newterra water treatment solutions

Efficient Project Management and Commissioning

Our focus on timely communication and responsiveness assures system owners and operators of optimal performance. We ensure that your water and wastewater treatment systems meet operational requirements through rigorous design, installation, testing, and documentation.