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Newerra modular wastewater treatment technology consisting of a double wide shipping container with eight pipes connecting to a water in or outflow for treating water in a winter setting

Treatment Solutions for

Potable Water

Making water safe to drink. Newterra transforms any raw water source into potable water with our pre-engineered treatment solutions. Our Adsorber Filtration Systems effectively remove perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and other emerging contaminants, suitable for any flow rate. Our Membrane-based Solutions excel in advanced separation tasks, making them ideal for treating seawater and groundwater. Additionally, Newterra’s Decentralized Modular Systems and Treatment Technologies offer cost efficiency, ease of onsite installation, and guarantee high-quality drinking water, serving municipalities, private entities, and commercial developers.

Five modular containers arranged four on lowest level and one stacked on the container closest to the photographer with black steel staircase with yellow guard rail leading to three doors in the top level container outdoors.


From the high cost of servicing and compliance to the lack of available capacity, municipal, rural and remote communities suffer from costly water challenges. Newterra provides water systems that produce clean, safe water reliably in any location.

With cost-effectiveness and compliance at the forefront, we’ll tailor a solution that addresses your unique needs. Our pre-engineered systems are rapidly deployed so you can save time and money.

Robust Solutions for Longevity

The Newterra treatment experts will learn your needs and goals before tailoring a solution that optimizes your filtration, including the removal of a majority of organic contaminants in the water stream.  We design our systems to operate reliably and efficiently in the harshest of environments, along with built-in redundancies for safety.   Plus, our decentralized systems are housed in durable, protective modular buildings for simple transportation, decommission and relocation.

Meet Regulations With Effective Adsorption

Whether you’re a city engineer or plant manager, we’ll design a system that safeguards the public’s health. Our systems will allow you to reach non-detect levels and satisfy the most stringent regulations for PFAS and contaminant removal.   Plus, we provide ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your PFAS or contaminant treatment.

Cost Benefits With Scalable Systems

Effectively pace your costs with our modular and scalable systems. Rather than constructing a large system for future capacity, our systems can be scaled up in stages as your needs progress. Our modular solutions provide simplified installation and fast integration into your daily operations. Each system is fully plumbed, wired and tested before arriving at your site. Plus, our systems are housed in durable, protective containers for simple transportation, decommission and relocation.

Customizable Design for Specific Needs

No matter your site’s unique challenges, we can help. Thanks to our decades of expertise, we provide a wide variety of treatment technologies with the end user in mind, delivering you a system that’s easy to understand and simple to operate. Based on your specific needs, we’ll design a system that guarantees safe, clean water for the long term. 

Save on Treatment Infrastructure and Meet Compliance

We understand the urgency of providing safe, clean water to your population while meeting compliance. Our collaborative industry leaders will quickly design effective PFAS remediation solutions that work with your environment and optimize your budget, all while satisfying regulations.

To be cost-effective, you need water and treatment solutions that are robust, scalable and flexible. Our pre-tested, plug-and-play decentralized systems are pre-fabricated to minimize site work and your overall project costs. Each system focuses on long-term sustainability while meeting the strictest regulatory requirements for potable water.

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Interior view of a modular Seamega sea water desalination system including an electrical panel in the foreground across from fiberglass vessels with a cyan metal frame in the center of the image supporting a large water filter, electrical system, and various horizontally positioned filtration pipes within a metal shipping container style housing, a larger vessel stands in the back of the container


Discover our desalination solutions. From effective technology to sustainable water purification, explore how we’re reshaping the future of clean water worldwide.

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A wastewater engineer controls the quality of water and aerated activated sludge tank at a waste water treatment plant by turning a compound valve in accordance to figures on a clipboard


With Newterra, you get a lifelong partner dedicated to your current and future success. Our passionate experts determine services and support based on decades of industry knowledge to meet your operational, environmental, regulatory and budgetary goals.

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Potable Water Solutions Delivered

Our industry-proven engineers are committed to addressing your operational, budgetary, environmental, and regulatory goals. Work closely with us to ensure your immediate needs and long-term potable water needs are met.