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Operations Consultation

Operating a water or wastewater treatment system can be challenging. Oftentimes, the purchaser of the system, and even the operator of the system, cannot maintain the same level of expertise as the original system designer. Newterra is dedicated to the ongoing success of all of its clients, and so we offer our engineering and technical capabilities as an ongoing service. Our customers deserve the best from their systems.

Newterra technician uses a clipboard to write notes while in industrial water treatment plant

Our Operations Consultation agreements are designed to make sure our customers have full access to Newterra technical and engineer expertise on an ongoing basis. Our operations consultation agreements include a combination of remote and onsite oversight designed to reassure the system owner and support the system operator, minimize ongoing costs and optimize ongoing efficiency.


  • Supported by digital telemetry in most instances
  • An Operational Health and Service Annual (or more frequent upon request) site audit. 
  • Newterra Process Engineer Process Reviews.


  • Make sure that installations are running optimally and extend the life of the system.
  • Review data to get ahead of any possible future problems
  • Adapt to changing process conditions before they become a problem
  • Training for operators and owners to ensure best practices
Newterra water treatment solutions

Ongoing Operations Consultation for Water Treatment Operations

Navigating the complexities of water and wastewater treatment systems requires expertise. Newterra extends engineering and technical support as a continuous service to ensure our client’s ongoing success.