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Home News Another First for Newterra and Bermuda

Another First for Newterra and Bermuda

We are very proud to share this project that showcases our ability to custom-engineered modular packaged plants for decentralized locations like Bermuda that help customers achieve lower costs, faster installation, and higher quality over on-site stick-built systems.

The Newterra MBR wastewater systems will be treating domestic wastewater from a newly constructed collection system. This project is unique because these four 50,000 gpd MBR Systems will have a combined temporary treatment capacity of 200,000 gpd at one location and then be relocated to different service points throughout the Island of Bermuda.

Newterra won this project by showing our ability to easily modify our design to satisfy the needs of this evolving project. In addition, being responsive and sensitive to their site limitations proved Newterra to be the ideal long-term equipment partner for this Bermuda Land Development Company.

“We were so proud to be able to partner with a local developer to create such a unique system,” says Marshal Deane, Business Development Manager, Newterra. “Each time we expand our offerings like this, it gives that extra edge that the competitors haven’t quite matched. This is why Newterra systems are being noticed more and more around the Caribbean islands.” 

To learn more about remote water & wastewater solutions by Newterra, contact Marshal Deane, Business Development Manager – Decentralized Water and Wastewater Solutions US and the Caribbean at 813.450.9697 or email him at

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