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San Antonio activated carbon facility

Reliability, Cost Savings, and Comprehensive Support

Optimizing Potable PFAS Solutions with Newterra Tailored Pilot Solutions

For over 45 years, we have designed, built,
manufactured, and serviced systems for
PFAS and other contaminants.

San Antonio activated carbon facility

Essential Piloting Solutions: Ensuring Optimal Water Treatment and Long-Term Cost Efficiency

Water treatment presents numerous challenges and complexities, and every site is unique. Newterra specializes in tailored solutions, supporting its customers no matter the influent, contaminant, or effluent circumstances. Optimal performance means more than effectively treating water. Implementation, site constraints, capital costs, and long-term operations must also be considered. Newterra understands your concerns and will support you in developing a solution that balances all of these considerations. Your goals come first.

The Newterra Advantage

Reduced Risk and Improved Reliability: Minimize the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties while ensuring your water treatment system operates efficiently over time.

Tailored Solutions: This personalized approach minimizes unnecessary costs and maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment solution.

Trouble-Free Operation: Ensure smooth operation from the start, minimizing future downtime and improving overall system reliability.

Integrated Approach: Customers have a single point of contact for all their treatment requirements.

Cost Savings: Optimize treatment processes through effective pilot studies, leading to significant savings on operational costs and reducing the need for future repairs.

Commissioning and Support: Newterra provides peace of mind through correct installation, testing, and start-up. Customers receive ongoing support for life.

Real-World PFOS Treatment Success Stories

Newterra’s CP20K-12 Systems Secure Safe Water in Massachusetts Municipality

Newterra provided two CP20K-12 systems to a Massachusetts municipality to address PFAS contamination. Each system, designed for 150 psi and equipped with 80,000 lbs. of acid-washed coal-based carbon, ensured efficient PFAS removal. This project was essential for meeting safety standards. Newterra won the contract due to their strong customer relationship and the financial instability of a lower-bid competitor, ultimately contributing to safer drinking water.

Newterra Delivers Cost-Effective CP5000 Systems for PFAS Removal in Pennsylvania

Newterra supplied three CP5000 Custom IXR Systems to a municipality in Pennsylvania to treat 1400 gallons per minute of PFAS-contaminated drinking water. These systems ensured the water met stringent safety standards. Newterra won the contract by offering the best price and a proposal that met the customer’s needs. This project underscores Newterra’s capability to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for municipal water challenges, ensuring safer drinking water.

PFAS Pilot Solutions Key Benefits: Reliability, Cost Savings, and Comprehensive Support

Our PFAS Pilot Solutions offer reduced risk, improved reliability, and compliance. Tailored solutions reduce costs and maximize effectiveness, while trouble-free operation minimizes downtime. An integrated approach simplifies the process with a single partner, and our commissioning and support services ensure proper installation, testing, start-up, and ongoing lifetime support.

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We’re Here to Help

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