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Newterra Announces Financing Solutions

Brockville, March 19, 2019 – Newterra Ltd. (“Newterra”) is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership with export financing company Elevate Export Finance Corp. (“Elevate”). In working with Elevate, Newterra can now provide its US-based and international customers with financing options that support its wide-ranging treatment solutions for water, wastewater and groundwater.

Elevate, an established partner of the Canadian government’s Export Development Canada (“EDC”), will offer Newterra customers competitive rates, medium-term loans of up to $10 million USD via a streamlined process and supported by Elevate’s private lending network.

Newterra is a water treatment system solutions provider focused on three distinct market areas, Groundwater treatment, Decentralized modular sewage, potable water and desalinization systems, and Industrial Process water for boiler feed and other clean water applications including ultrapure water.

Dee Bryant, Chief Growth Officer for Newterra commented, “We are very pleased to establish this relationship with Elevate and EDC. This facility will allow Newterra to better support our customers with financing options for projects that are needed to provide safe and secure drinking water and sewage treatment as well as other water solutions.” Duncan Munn, Founder and Chair of Elevate said, “We are delighted to partner with an innovative, advanced Canadian manufacturer such as Newterra. We have significant overlap in many markets and find significant alignment with Newterra to expand their global reach.”

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About Elevate Export Finance Corp.

Elevate, a Canadian-based lender has partnered with Export Development Canada (EDC) and financial institutions to provide the customers of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses with structured finance solutions. Elevate lends to foreign buyers of Canadian Exporters to help support Canadian Export Success.

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