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Home Technologies Oxidation Ditch for Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Close up of a Newterra Tri Oval oxidation ditch wastewater treatment system including a grated metal walkway running the length of the system with water being treated on either side underneath the walkway, concrete divisions in the system are present on both sides of the walkway with trees in the background within a rural outdoor setting

Oxidation Ditch for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The Newterra Tri-Oval Oxidation Ditch System, suitable for industrial and municipal wastewater needs, is powered by the Triton 2.0 Series Process Aerator, the most flexible and advanced oxidation ditch aeration system. Unique amongst oxidation ditch aeration technologies, the Triton 2.0 provides independent aeration and mixing in a single form factor for comprehensive nutrient removal and ultimate control. With its ability to operate at greater depths than other methods, it’s ideal when land space is limited.  Our reliable and operator-friendly system offers flexibility, energy efficiency, and the lowest total ownership cost.

Why Choose Newterra for Your Oxidation Ditch Needs?

By choosing Newterra and our oxidation ditch systems, you’re partnering with a leader in water treatment technology. Our end-to-end support services and broad portfolio of water and wastewater treatment technology are testimony to our commitment to excellence. Experience the Newterra difference today and set a new standard for your water treatment projects. With our systems, you get:

Oxidation Ditch at work

How Does an Oxidation Ditch Work?

Oxidation ditches significantly streamline wastewater process flows. The process involves the continuous circulation of wastewater in a basin, allowing for prolonged interaction with aerating mechanisms. This extended aeration process promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms that break down pollutants in the wastewater. The Triton 2.0 Process Aerator, a key component of our Tri-Oval Oxidation Ditch System, offers extremely efficient fine-bubble aeration alongside independent mixing control, ensuring efficient nutrient removal.

Modernizing an Older Technology

Since their inception in the Netherlands in the 1950s, oxidation ditches have been a cornerstone in wastewater treatment. Originally designed to meet the growing environmental concerns and regulatory standards of that era, these systems have been integral in managing domestic and industrial wastewater. However, the original aeration methods, often still the default consideration when building these systems, now often fall short in terms of efficiency and environmental impact. 

Enter the Tri-oval solution and the Triton 2.0 – a modern solution that breathes new life into these traditional systems. As a perfect retrofit option, the Triton 2.0 replaces outdated aeration technology with cutting-edge innovation. It offers enhanced process control, superior energy efficiency, and improved reliability. This makes the Triton 2.0 an ideal choice for anyone looking to modernize their existing oxidation ditch infrastructure. By upgrading to Triton 2.0, facilities can not only meet current environmental standards more effectively but also reduce operational costs and improve overall treatment performance, ensuring their systems are fit for the future.

Simplify operations, lower costs, and enhance the environmental safety of your wastewater treatment. For a comprehensive discussion about your oxidation ditch requirements, reach out to us today. Let’s start a conversation about how Newterra can provide you with the most efficient and reliable wastewater treatment solutions in the market.

We’re Here To Help

Connect with a Newterra expert to explore how our oxidation ditch systems can revolutionize your wastewater treatment project. We’re ready to assist you in navigating the next steps toward sustainable, cost-effective solutions. Contact us today, and let’s make a positive impact together!