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Sparge Well Materials

Well Head Connections (WHC) are made from the highest quality materials available to maximize success of in situ remediation treatments. The WHC features a Kynar® compression fitting, and a type 316 stainless steel inlet tee in a sealed Schedule 80 PVC body. A ¼” FPT access port is included to accommodate a pressure gauge for accurate pressure readings where they count the most. Well Head Connections are available for ½”or 1” Newterra riser pipe sections. Any existing on-site 2” or 4“ monitoring well casing can be easily modified using our 2” or 4“ WHC fitting to accommodate our ozone sparge technology.

Riser Pipe (RP) is an integral component of our complete In-situ Oxidation Point (IOP) system. Each Riser Pipe section is sealed with an ozone-resistant Viton® o-ring to insure no leaks occur while under pressure. Schedule 80 PVC is used for the durability and ozone resistance required for harsh field conditions that often exist for in situ remediation. Each 10-foot section is available in 1” ID.

Our In-Situ Oxidation Point (IOP) has a stainless steel body with 3/8″ x 1-1/2″ outlets and 50 mesh internal stainless steel screen. Made from ozone-resistant Stainless Steel, they are rigid by design and include a Viton® o-ring seal. These oxidation points provide maximum ozone transfer to the contaminated water table and soil. Efficient mass transfer means remediation takes place quickly and completely.

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