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Unlock the potential of every water source with Newterra’s innovative desalination solutions. Designed to address the pressing need for accessible, clean water in diverse environments, our cutting-edge technology transforms seawater and brackish water into high-quality, potable water. Tailored for efficiency and sustainability, Newterra’s systems empower communities and industries worldwide, providing reliable and scalable water purification solutions that meet today’s demands while safeguarding tomorrow’s resources.”

Interior view of a modular Seamega sea water desalination system including an electrical panel in the foreground across from fiberglass vessels with a cyan metal frame in the center of the image supporting a large water filter, electrical system, and various horizontally positioned filtration pipes within a metal shipping container style housing, a larger vessel stands in the back of the container

Advanced Desalination Solutions for Technical Applications 

Newterra specializes in providing desalination solutions that convert seawater or brackish water into potable water, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to meet the specific needs of industries and communities. Our systems are designed for efficient and sustainable operation, focusing on the technical and environmental challenges of desalination. 

Engineered for Efficiency and Sustainability Our desalination systems utilize advanced reverse osmosis and membrane technologies to effectively remove salts and other impurities. Engineered for energy efficiency, these systems reduce the carbon footprint of water treatment processes while ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality water. 

Technical Specifications of Newterra Desalination Systems 

  • Reverse Osmosis Technology: High-rejection membranes for optimal salt and contaminant removal. 
  • Energy Recovery Systems: Integrated into our designs to reduce energy consumption. 
  • Modular and Scalable Design: Allows for easy expansion to meet growing water demands. 
  • Durability and Reliability: Constructed to withstand harsh operational environments, ensuring long-term service with minimal maintenance. 

Cost-Effectiveness and Operational Advantages

Newterra’s desalination systems are not only designed for technical performance but also for economic efficiency. By optimizing energy use and maintenance requirements, our systems offer a lower total cost of ownership. The modular design facilitates scalable solutions, enabling a phased investment approach and flexibility in response to changing water demands.

Technical Support and Service

Understanding the complexities of desalination processes, Newterra provides comprehensive technical support and service. Our team of engineers and technicians ensures that each system is optimally designed, installed, and maintained to meet the stringent requirements of industrial and municipal applications. 

Newterra’s desalination technology is aimed at providing a sustainable, reliable, and cost-efficient water source for technically demanding applications. With our focus on high-performance, environmentally responsible water treatment solutions, we are committed to meeting the evolving needs of our clients and the industry.

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Newterra custom reverse osmosis system consists of a fourteen white pipes stacked in four columns consisting of four pipes, three pipes, four pipes, and three pipes when read left to right with a blue enameled steel frame with steel pipes leading to a control box within a water treatment warehouse.

Custom Reverse Osmosis Systems

Custom Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems provide effective, continuous dissolved solids recovery of up to +80% in a modular and scalable design. These tailored systems can accommodate a wide range of feed water qualities with a single or double pass and differing stage configurations and arrays. You’ll receive a consistent permeate quality for your specific application.

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Solve Your Water Challenges

If you’re dealing with budget constraints, compliance issues, or a need to improve the efficiency of your water treatment, we’re here to help. Newterra offers durable, dependable, and cost-effective solutions that deliver outstanding performance.