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Odor control system outside of large processing plant

Diverse Applications

For over 150 years, Newterra has grown its portfolio to offer a broad range of solutions for municipal and industrial applications.  Our customer-focused agile and highly experienced team helps resolve your treatment challenges with proven, cost-effective and low-maintenance solutions to simplify your day.

Newterra mixing aerators mix treated water with two units attached to a concrete container filled with treatment water with pipes and guard rails


For your project to be successful, it’s essential to have quality treatment solutions with long-term reliability. From anoxic basins, sludge digesters, aeration tanks, oxidation ovals, chemical mix tanks, lagoons, aquaculture ponds and supplemental mixing, Newterra provides cost-effective Aerators and Mixers that are simple to implement, operate and maintain even in corrosive environments. It’s easier to meet goals and solve challenges with a team of water experts by your side. 

Odor Control and Emissions

Many odors present in municipal sewage treatment plants and industrial processes derive from the vapor phase and can be due to sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and other sulfur compounds, ammonia, amines, etc. Activated carbon is an effective adsorbent media for odor removal from vapor phase streams. The Newterra NIXTOX Vapor Phase Activated Carbon Adsorbers, Vessels and Filter Media were specifically designed to return cleaner air while capturing the elements that can cause the odor.

Maximize Your Budget With Advanced Solutions