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Home Technologies NIXTOX Vapor Phase Box Adsorber

NIXTOX Vapor Phase Box Adsorbers

Newterra NIXTOX Vapor Phase Box Adsorbers are ideal for high-flow air purification applications that require a large carbon bed capacity. They are often used for manufactured gas plant (MGP) environmental remediation, as a backup to interruptions in thermal oxidizer operations and as emission control during industrial applications such as paint spray booths.

Two Nixtox vapor phase box adsorbers sit next to a historic mill building with large accordion tubing entering and exiting each unit in an outdoor setting

Product Overview


  • Maximum flows range from 8,000 to 20,000 cfm
  • Carbon bed standard fills are between 6,000 lbs. and 16,000 lbs. 
  • The NIXTOX series also features a specially constructed plenum chamber, promoting even flow distribution.


  • Longer media usage and expanded contact 
  • Used for MGP environmental remediation 
  • A large carbon bed surface areas allow for greater flow rates 
  • Available for sale or ready to rent

Technical Specifications

Modular Activated Carbon Liquid Phase Adsorber Drums

Model #Max Flow (CFM)Max Press (PSIG)Max Temp (ºF)Stnd. & Max Media FillDIMS (ft) LxWxH
NB – 88,00011806,000/8,00012x8x8.5
NB – 1212,000118011,000/14,00020x8x9.3
NB – 2020,000118016,000/20,00030x8x9.3

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