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NIXTOX Vapor Phase Plenum Deep Bed (PDB) Activated Carbon Adsorbers

NIXTOX Vapor Phase PDB Activated Carbon Adsorbers offer the removal of contaminants from air and vapors in environmental remediation and industrial processing applications. These high-performing vessels feature a specially constructed bed support, which creates a plenum chamber. This permits even flow distribution and efficient utilization of the activated carbon media.

Product Overview

Newterra’s NIXTOX Vapor Phase Plenum Deep Bed (PDB) Activated Carbon Adsorbers are engineered for superior air purification, targeting a broad spectrum of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, and hazardous air pollutants. These systems feature a deep bed of high-quality activated carbon, maximizing contact time and enhancing the adsorption efficiency of airborne contaminants. The PDB design ensures optimal airflow distribution through the media, facilitating consistent and effective treatment across the entire adsorber unit. Suitable for high-volume and high-concentration applications, Newterra’s PDB adsorbers are ideal for industries such as petrochemical, waste management, and manufacturing, where reliable air purification is critical. These systems are designed for durability and ease of maintenance, with features that allow for straightforward media replacement, ensuring long-term, cost-effective operation in demanding industrial environments.


  • Desired contact time may allow higher or lower flow rates
  • Adsorbent fill based on 27 lbs./ft. bed density
  • Adsorbent fill differs based on variable bed density and alternate adsorbents.
  • The adsorbers are fitted with lifting lugs and fork channels. 
  • Manways are 20 inches in diameter for easy access and removal and replacement of carbon or other media.
  • Manway top of the tank for easy access and vessels are supplied with 4 inch legs and fork channels are provided on the CP5000 and smaller vessels, larger vessels have legs only

Technical Specifications

Model #Max Flow(CFM)Max Press(PSIG)Max Temp(ºF)Inlet/ Outlet (inches)Diameter/ Height (inches)Standard Adsorb Fill (lbs)Maximum Adsorb Fill (lbs)Shipping Wt Std Fill (lbs)

Model #

Max Flow(CFM)

Max Press(PSIG)

Max Temp(ºF)

Inlet/ Outlet (inches)

Diameter/ Height (inches)

Standard Adsorb Fill (lbs)

Maximum Adsorb Fill (lbs)

Shipping Wt Std Fill (lbs)
N-750 PDB750151806/638/816507001,500
N-1200 PDB1,200151808/846/941,0001,4002,200
N-1800 PDB1,8001518010/1057/951,5002,0002,925
N-2500 PDB2,5001518012/1268/962,0002,7004,000
N-4000 PDB4,0001518014/1485/1103,2005,2005,950
N-5000 PDB5,0001518020/2096/1204,4007,4008,400

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