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Soil Vapor Extraction Rentals

Leverage Expertise and Innovation with Newterra’s Soil Vapor Extraction System Rentals

Building on our legacy in soil remediation, Newterra offers advanced soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems designed to effectively remove contaminants from soil and groundwater. Our rental service provides not just equipment, but a comprehensive solution that includes full support to ensure your remediation project’s success.

With Newterra, you benefit from decades of experience and innovation in soil remediation, delivering reliable, efficient results for your environmental challenges. Trust in our heritage and expertise to provide a seamless, effective solution for your soil vapor extraction needs.

Newterra rentals trailer with a soil vapor extractor system connected to the trailer

Use Cases & Applications

  • Contaminated Site Remediation: SVE systems are highly effective in cleaning up contaminated lands, including brownfield sites, by extracting volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds from the soil. This process is critical for preparing sites for redevelopment or ensuring they meet environmental safety standards.
  • Underground Storage Tank Leaks: Ideal for addressing leaks from underground storage tanks, Newterra’s SVE systems efficiently remove hazardous vapors, preventing groundwater contamination and mitigating environmental risks associated with fuel or chemical storage.
  • Industrial Spill Recovery: In the event of industrial spills, SVE technology quickly and effectively removes volatile pollutants from the soil, minimizing long-term environmental impact and facilitating the recovery of the affected site to safe conditions.
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation: SVE is a key strategy for mitigating vapor intrusion into buildings, ensuring indoor air quality is not compromised by subsurface contaminant vapors. It protects building occupants from potential health risks and complies with indoor air quality standards.

Available in the Following Specifications

  • Trailer, 20ft container, 40ft container
  • SVE 150, 450, 600, 1500 SCFM
  • 150, 300, 500 ACFM
  • 230 V 3Ph, Class 1 Div 2


  • Effective Contaminant Removal: SVE systems are designed to efficiently extract volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds from the soil, reducing contamination levels significantly.
  • Fast Deployment and Scalability: Quick to set up and capable of handling various project sizes, these systems are ideal for both small and large-scale remediation projects.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Engineered for ease of use, with straightforward operation and maintenance procedures, minimizing the need for specialized training.


  • Immediate Environmental Impact: Quickly reduces pollution levels in the soil, leading to a faster site cleanup and reduced environmental liability for the customer.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Rental options provide a cost-effective alternative to purchasing, allowing for budget flexibility and reducing long-term capital expenditures.
  • Reliability and Support: Newterra guarantees the reliability of their SVE systems with full support, ensuring continuous operation and immediate assistance when needed, reducing operational risks and downtime.

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