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Ozone sparge remediation system

Ozone Sparge Remediation

Newterra’s ozone sparge technology delivers the highest concentration of ozone gas directly to the contaminated subsurface. Featuring Intelo-zone® control technology, ozone is released in controlled time duration sequences via in-situ oxidation points. This ozone remediation feature can be programmed and recorded by the Logic Controller.

In-situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)

In-situ chemical oxidation is an advanced oxidation process traditionally used for soil and/or groundwater remediation focused on reducing environmental contaminants to an acceptable level.


Oxidation is the process of adding an oxidizer, such as ozone, to a water source in order to remove electrons from the substance or contaminate(s) of interest.

Sparge Well Materials

Newterra provides all the material necessary to deliver the most amount of ozone to sparge point locations through well head connections, riser pipe and in-situ oxidation points.

System Integration

Newterra specializes in combining complex water treatment subsystems into a single, optimized, and robust treatment train.