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Spray Atomizing Deaerators

Spray Atomizing Deaerators are built for industrial applications to supply high-purity water to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of boiler systems by protecting power plant boilers and piping where the operating pressure is steady and the temperature rise is greater than 50° F. The Newterra Atomizing Deaerator offers high performance in marine applications regardless of normal roll, pitch and list of the ship.  They easily handle low pH or acid waters and waters containing scale or solids due to the absence of baffles or trays.

Industrial spray atomizing deaerator in an elevated installation with steel cylindrical tank near the ceiling in an industrial application surrounded by steel pipes and blue support

Product Overview

The Atomizing Deaerator is a two-stage design. In the first stage, water is sprayed in direct contact with steam and heated practically to saturation temperature. At this stage, the bulk of the non-condensible gases are liberated and all released gases are discharged from the unit. The preheated, partially deaerated water then passes to the second stage where it comes in contact with a constant high-velocity steam jet for final deaeration. 

The steam jet is created by a variable orifice atomizing valve which is self-compensating to changes in load or variation in operating conditions. The energy of the steam jet breaks up the water, producing a mist or fog of finely divided particles to assure maximum surface exposure to the scrubbing steam. Any remaining gas is removed and carried to the first stage by the steam, while the deaerated waterfalls to the storage section.


  • Deaerator top: Welded Steel Plate, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) stamped
  • Storage tanks: Welded Steel Plate, ASME stamped
  • Water distributor: 316 Stainless Steel (SS). Spray Nozzle
  • Vent condenser: Direct Contact with Stainless Steel baffling
  • Design pressure: As required


  • Controlled steam atmosphere
  • Maximum effective contact between steam and water
  • Variable orifice self-regulating atomizer assures maintenance of energy required and guaranteed performance at ALL rates of flow
  • Compact, easily accessible design
  • Minimum headroom requirements with horizontal design

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