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Aeration and Mixing

Newterra’s aerators and mixers, backed by decades of expertise, are engineered to cater to diverse water treatment needs, from industrial applications to municipal facilities. Our products are designed for precision, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring your specific application requirements are met.

  • Triton 2.0 Series Process Aerator and Mixer
    Triton 2.0 Series Process Aerator and Mixer

    The worldÔÇÖs most respected process aerator – better aeration efficiency, mixing capacity, and power consumption savings, as well as more seamless and flexible installation, operation, and maintenance.

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  • TORNADO┬« Subsurface Aerators
    TORNADO® Subsurface Aerators

    Explore the durable TORNADO┬« aerators by Newterra ÔÇô optimal aeration solutions for diverse water bodies.

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  • Anti-Fouling Aspirator Aerator
    Anti-Fouling Aspirator Aerator

    Newterra Aspirator ÔÇô Standard. Trusted to perform in harsh conditions. Our anti-fouling aspirator can improve your wastewater treatment with higher removal rates of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and suspended solids.

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  • AQUA TORNADO┬« Surface Aspirating Aerator
    AQUA TORNADO® Surface Aspirating Aerator

    The AQUA TORNADO® is a float-mounted, freshwater aeration device that features a large-diameter stationary draft tube with unrestricted air intake and a large propeller.

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  • Aspirator Aerator Series 2
    Aspirator Aerator Series 2

    Maintaining the proper level of oxygen dispersion in your aquaculture ponds is critical to the success of your operation. Poor dissolved oxygen levels, fluctuating water temperatures, and stratification can all negatively affect fish health and pond production.

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  • AuraAER┬« Solar-Powered Floating Fountain
    AuraAER® Solar-Powered Floating Fountain

    Designed for smaller bodies of water, the AuraAER fits well in residential and commercial ponds, requiring only 30 inches of water depth. It is easy to install and comes completely assembled with four different spray patterns. Solar power eliminates operational costs and safety issues typically associated with conventional fountains.

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  • BREEZE┬« Air Stripper
    BREEZE® Air Stripper

    Optimize water treatment with the BREEZE® Air Stripper from Newterra. Modular, space-saving units for all flow rates.

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  • CYCLONE┬« Coarse Bubble Diffuser
    CYCLONE® Coarse Bubble Diffuser

    Maximize oxygen transfer rates and achieve superior operational efficiency with Newterra’s CYCLONE┬« Diffuser Technology, designed for compatibility across diverse aeration systems.

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  • Halo Surface Aerator
    Halo Surface Aerator

    Newterra Halo Surface Aerator is designed to maximize the two most important functions of any aeration device: oxygen transfer and mixing.

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  • HURRICANE┬« Submersible Aerator/Mixer
    HURRICANE® Submersible Aerator/Mixer

    Achieve cost-effective wastewater treatment with Newterra’s innovative solutions. Our HURRICANE┬« Aerator/Mixer brings operational efficiency to the forefront.

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  • LumenAER┬« Low-Energy Water Circulators
    LumenAER® Low-Energy Water Circulators

    Discover eco-friendly water circulation with Newterra’s LumenAER┬«ÔÇöinnovative, solar-powered, and cost-effective water circulation solutions.

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  • Mixer 2.0
    Mixer 2.0

    The Newterra Mixer 2.0 ensures simple, nearly maintenance-free operation with above surface float or fixed mounting options.

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  • RIPTIDEÔäó Direct-Drive Surface Mixer
    RIPTIDEÔäó Direct-Drive Surface Mixer

    Maximize your water treatment efficiency with RIPTIDEÔÇÖs advanced direct-drive technology, ensuring durable performance and adaptable mixing in various applications.

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  • TWISTER┬« Low-Speed Aerator
    TWISTER® Low-Speed Aerator

    Long-lasting performance with exceptional oxygen-transfer rates of any mechanical aeration system on the market The TWISTER® low-speed aerator is designed for long-term, continuous operation. TWISTER optimizes the spray of water droplets, resulting in some of the highest oxygen-transfer rates of any mechanical aeration system.

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  • ZEPHYR┬« Induced Air Flotation System
    ZEPHYR® Induced Air Flotation System

    Discover the ZEPHYR® Induced Air Flotation system for superior water quality. Our robust, low-maintenance solution ensures operational excellence and cost savings.

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Newterra water treatment solutions

Enhance Your Water Treatment with Aeration and Mixing

Our precision engineered aerators and mixers cater to industrial and municipal water treatment applications. Designed for optimal efficiency, reliability, and a variety of needs, they will meet your specific needs and enhance outcomes.