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A concrete open containment pond with service walkways and metal platforms support the Newterra Triton 2.0 process aerator mixer with a bridge mount; water moves as the unit mixes the treatment water

Mixer 2.0

The AIRE-O2 Mixer 2.0 ensures simple, nearly maintenance-free operation with above surface float or fixed mounting options. The variable angle mixer performs in corrosive environments with no gearbox and low power consumption in aeration tanks, oxidation ovals, digesters, lagoons, anoxic basins, and chemical mix tanks.

A series of concrete tanks filled with wastewater with grated metal walkways with guardrails, two aerator units are mounted to metal frames and are partially submerged and connected to power supplies via heavy flexible cables

Product Overview


  • All components are accessible from the surface
  • Variable mounting angle offers flexibility
  • Mixing without floc shear
  • Designed to prevent short circuiting
  • Fast and simply retrofit to existing basin
  • Same heavy-duty construction as the award-winning Triton 2.0 Aerator
  • Large antifouling propeller
  • Low speed (900 rpm/60Hz-750 rpm/50Hz) operation ensures improved mixing, quiet operation, and durability
  • Available in many sizes to meet your needs, with a range of voltage, phase, and hertz combinations
  • Optional blower upgrade kit turns the Mixer 2.0 into a Triton 2.0 Aerator
  • Up to three (3) year warranty, depending on application

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