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sub surface aeration system at work

TWISTER® Low-Speed Aerator

Long-lasting performance with exceptional oxygen-transfer rates of any mechanical aeration system on the market The Twister® low-speed aerator is designed for long-term, continuous operation. Twister optimizes the spray of water droplets, resulting in some of the highest oxygen-transfer rates of any mechanical aeration system.

sub surface aeration system at work

Overview of TWISTER® Low-Speed Aerator

The TWISTER® low-speed aerator’s high oxygen transfer makes it ideal for a wide range of high-oxygen-demand biological treatment applications, from activated sludge to oxidation ditches and extended aeration operations in municipal, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and other industries.

Available with coated-frame and nonmetallic float options, the TWISTER Low-Speed Aerator can be configured as a floating unit using a three-pod, stainless-steel float and support infrastructure or a fixed unit using an adjustable mounting plate for optimal operational performance.

With thousands of installations worldwide, the TWISTER is proven to be a reliable low-speed aerator for your wastewater treatment needs.

Surface Aerator Features

The TWISTER aerator, designed for continuous long-term operation, features a hydrodynamically efficient rotor constructed from innovative composite material and molded to optimize the spray of water droplets. This results in some of the highest oxygen-transfer rates of any mechanical aeration system. This surface aerator utilizes advanced power transmission technology to convert minimal energy into maximum rotor torque, ensuring excellent aeration and deep basin mixing. It comes in models ranging from 2 to 150 horsepower (1.5 to 112 kW) at 50 or 60 Hz.

  • Flange coupling for high-torque, lifetime performance
  • Standard motor for easy availability and replacement
  • Float- or fixed-mount units to meet process requirements
  • Minimum 2.0 gearbox safety factor to ensure long life
  • Uses innovative material for rotor efficiency
  • Molded rotor for optimal oxygen transfer
  • Latest technology for high rotor torque
  • Ensures excellent aeration and deep mixing
  • Models range from 2 to 150 horsepower (1.5 to 112 kW) at 50 or 60 Hz

Benefits of the Twister

TWISTER significantly enhances water’s dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, fostering a healthier aquatic ecosystem. This aeration method increases oxygen concentration, is vital for aquatic life survival, and encourages the growth of aerobic bacteria responsible for decomposing harmful organic compounds, thereby enhancing the overall water quality. These systems create a constant water flow, effectively mixing oxygen to the solution to help mitigate the effects of thermal stratification, ensuring a uniform distribution of oxygen and temperature throughout the water body. Low-speed aerators maintain optimum dissolved oxygen levels, creating a balanced aquatic environment.

  • Enhances dissolved oxygen levels in water
  • Boosts oxygen concentration for aquatic life
  • Promotes aerobic bacteria growth, improving water quality
  • Ensures adequate oxygen mixing and thermal balance
  • Guarantees uniform oxygen distribution and temperature
  • Utilizes efficient aerators for optimal oxygen levels

How the TWISTER Surface Aerator Works

All TWISTER low-speed aerators consist of a motor mounted to a gear reducer and a specially designed rotor attached to the bottom of an extended shaft. When activated, the TWISTER turns slowly (typically 40 to 100 rpm) while the rotor fins pump large amounts of water into the air in a fine spray. These tiny droplets create a 360-degree circular pattern.

TWISTER creates high oxygen transfer with its large surface-to-volume water droplet ratio and extended exposure to air after spraying. Pumping oxygen-deficient water from the bottom of a basin and exposing it to the air above its surface provides faster mass transfer from ambient air to the water droplet.

The TWISTER low-speed aerator’s deep pumping action generates effective localized mixing to optimize many wastewater treatment processes, including those requiring fast and efficient oxygen transfer, such as pulp and paper, food processing, and other industries.

Extensive Aeration Applications

The TWISTER is utilized across a diverse range of applications such as:

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Optimize Your Water Treatment

Discover the exceptional efficiency and performance of the TWISTER Low-Speed Aerator for your wastewater treatment needs. Whether you’re in municipal, petrochemical, paper industries, or have unique requirements, our team is ready to assist.