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Clear3 MBR.MF Custom Modular Membrane Bioreactor Facilities

You’ll be surprised if you compare brick-and-mortar costs to a custom modular facility. The Newterra Clear3 prefabricated, pre-engineered, pre-tested Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) facilities offer proven, reliable headache-free decentralized wastewater solutions that employ the industry benchmark—Veolia ZeeWeed membranes. In the short or long term, there’s no need to make sizeable complex upfront capital investments with these scalable containerized solutions. So, when you need to get the job done, try a dependable different approach — it’ll save you time and your client’s money.

A Newterra Clear3 decentralized membrane bioreactor unit in use consisting of a beige shipping container connected to a series of chrome or steel horizontal pipes protected by a guardrail and near a frame supported hoist in a rural area.

Product Overview

Properly operated, a Clear³ MBR.MF Facility will meet or exceed the most stringent nutrient limits and produce the highest quality effluent. The most reliable, the most space-efficient, and the most cost-effective solutions use Newterra MBR technology.


Scalable: Our Decentralized Modular MBR.MF Facilities are scalable – allowing treatment infrastructure to be added in stages as capacity requirements grow. Each phase can be sized to match the current need. The plant will run better, and the end-user will be able to more closely match capital and operating expenses with cash available from the development.

Advanced Technology: Clear3 MBR.MF Facilities use advanced MBR treatment technology, allowing us to meet the requirements in all jurisdictions. Clean water effluent is ready for most reuse applications with no further treatment. Our MBRs operate close to housing receptors with no odor or noise issues. Clear3 MBR/F facilities are powered by Veolia ZeeWeed membranes.

Prefabricated: Equipment costs for Modular Facilities are typically less than individually purchased and on-site installed equipment. But even more impactful,  all the costs around the equipment are less. Civil costs, labor, commissioning, and quality are all higher quality and lower cost. 

Start-Up Schedule:  On-site work schedule does not depend on the weather, and costs are reduced for labor, housing, travel etc. All software and instrumentation are fully debugged before shipment, eliminating a lengthy pre-start process. The schedule for the system to be operational can be guaranteed.

Safety:  Safety has a significant advantage when the work is done in a climate-controlled, well-organized facility with minimized fieldwork. This leads to lower total costs for the project without giving up most of the benefits of on-site construction design.


Scalable: Our modular systems can expand as capacity requirements change – and be redeployed at the end of a temporary project if necessary. Developers can defer infrastructure spending by phasing in sewage treatment capacity in parallel with the phases of a project.

Best in Class Technology: Conservative process design and ZeeWeed membranes inside mean no surprises with system quality.

Reduced On-Site Construction: Modular systems are pre-plumbed, pre-wired and undergo comprehensive testing, allowing for fast installation and minimized on-site work.

Maximum Uptime: Proven, standardized components and strategic redundancy allow for continuous operation – even during maintenance procedures.

Minimal Maintenance: Air scouring and periodic membrane relaxation prevent fouling; chemical cleaning is reduced over hollow fiber membranes.

Operator-Friendly: Our ground-level module removal system is good example of the design considerations we incorporate for easy servicing and improved safety.


  • Greenfield and Retrofit Projects
  • Existing Infrastructure Tie-ins
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants 
  • Temporary or Interim Sewage Facilities
  • New Residential Developments
  • Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants
  • Off-Grid and Remote Municipal Plants
  • New Commercial Developments
  • LEED Certified and Green Buildings

Technical Specifications

The Newterra ClearMBR.MF Technology addresses a wide range of wastewater treatment applications requiring high-quality effluent to meet regulatory requirements or reuse. Clear3  MBR.MF Technologies target biological oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS), bacteria, total coliforms, ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

Clear³ MBR also eliminates many pharmaceuticals from the waste stream, a growing concern for natural habitats and drinking water. With extensive experience with groundwater remediation, Newterra can bring solutions for emerging contaminant challenges such as Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and other compounds that may be present in the system effluent.

Effluent Quality

Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)<5.0 mg/L
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)<5.0 mg/L
Ammonia-N<1.0 mg/L
Turbidity <0.2 NTU
Total Phosphorus<0.05 mg/L*
Total Nitrogen <3.0 mg/L*
*With nutrient removal options included, subject to influent characteristics

Enhanced Nutrient Removal Design can achieve lower effluent results:

Total Phosphorus<0.05 mg/L
Total Nitrogen<3.0 mg/L

The ultimate process configuration is highly dependent on the following:

  • Influent concentrations
  • Variability in feed strength and flow
  • Desired effluent criteria depend on the ultimate receiver
  • Space available
  • Budget available
  • Climate considerations
  • Shipping constraints
  • Power available

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