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Clara Gravity Separator

The Clara Gravity Separator offers a patented oil-grit-trash-water separator for stormwater that can be used as a standalone treatment or in a treatment train configuration. Clara Separators remove dirt, oil and floatables by gravity separation. The built-in internal high-flow bypass traps pollutants in this below-ground structure even during peak runoff events. Clara Separators are recommended when suspended solids concentrations are greater than 200 mg/L and oil is greater than 10 mg/L

Three technicians and a manager install a Clara Gravity Separator from Newterra at a new construction site for industrial use

Product Overview

Clara Gravity Separators target free oil, settleable solids, floatables and trash, and settleable metals.


  • Treatment flow rates of up to 2700 GPM
  • Traps pollutants within the system— no washout 
  • Oil storage capacity of up to 1500 gallons
  • Available with integrated pump package for downstream treatment
  • Sediment storage capacity of up to 10 CY

Technical Specifications

ModelTreatment Rate (gpm)Buried Footprint (ft x ft)Sediment Storage (cy)Oil/Floatable Storage (gal)
253207 x 91.8185
405407 x 133.0310
709008 x 165.0510
9011209 x 176.4650
110140011 x 178.0820
210270011 x 2810.01500
Typical depth range from 9 to 12 feet


  • Clara Screen: includes an integrated screen for the removal of plastics larger than one (1) mm
  • Clara Enhanced Media Pack: includes a coalescing media pack for the highest oil and hydrocarbon removal efficiency

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A Newterra Clara filter is lowered into a prepared dirt site at an auto recycler with four technicians guiding the unit or looking on as a crane lowers the concrete box and divider into place

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