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Zinc-B-Gone Roof Runoff Filter

The sorptive patented Zinc-B-Gone Media Filtration System provides industrial stormwater roof runoff treatment. The system’s best manufacturing practices (BMP) remove dissolved metals in a simple, easy-to-use configuration. The Zinc-B-Gone System is typically installed above ground in line with a rooftop downspout, and its three models come scalable up to 1200 GPM for rooftops 0.5 acres and up. Targeted metals include copper, zinc, iron, lead, aluminum, nickel, cadmium, and other metals.

Newterra Zinc B Gone blue enamel treatment boxes with out of stock graphic featuring a green ring white field and black text.

Product Overview

Zinc-B-Gone is specifically designed to reduce dissolved metals found in roof runoff and cooling tower blowdowns. 

The Zinc-B-Gone Filter’s simple configuration can be used in various applications such as:

  • Industrial stormwater roof runoff
  • Cooling tower blow down
  • Mining operations runoff
  • Galvanized application runoff

Download the Technology Sheet for performance charts.


  • Removes dissolved zinc, copper and lead
  • Super-duty tank for many years of service
  • Ideal for total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Uses passive filtration, no chemicals, no backwash
  • Open top for easy access and operation
  • Operates unattended, 24/7
  • Gravity flow-through system, no moving parts

Technical Specifications

Zinc-B-Gone Roof Runoff Filter -Pro

  • Ideal for TSS
  • Super-duty tank for many years of service
  • Rated from 25 GPM to 1200 gpm clean, dependent on model
  • Exceptional performance and treatment capacity
  • Reduces 500 ug/L (0.5 mg/L) zinc to benchmark/action level
  • Separate pretreatment and filtration chambers for reduced
  • system maintenance
  • Internal high flow bypass, totalizing flow meter, flow control
  • valve, inlet & outlet sample ports
  • Includes factory assistance for installation
  • Cover, freeze protection and other options available

Zinc-B-Gone Roof Runoff Filter -Custom

For stormwater treatment or reuse applications

  • Self-contained intermodal containers
  • Exceptional performance and treatment capacity
  • Scalable for flows from 100 GPM to 10,000 GPM
  • Best choice for sites with freezing weather
  • Integrate pretreatment and polishing in one unit
  • Includes factory assistance for installation
  • Integrated heat, A/C and lighting
  • Custom designed for your site

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