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A large pond holding tank containing cleaned water in a rural area with concrete sidewalks around the tank

AIRE-O2 Aeration Systems

Healthy environments rely on clean water. Our surface-mounted aeration products are tailored for a range of wastewater applications and designed to perform in the most trying environments.

For more than 40 years, we’ve combined patented technologies with engineering expertise to develop customized water treatment solutions for municipal, industrial and aquaculture applications around the world. Our team at Newterra will partner with you to develop efficient, cost-effective and reliable solutions that meet strict compliance regulations.

Aerial view of public sewage treatment plant for 165, 000 inhabitants of Pilsen city in Czech Republic, Europe. Environment and industry from above.

Wastewater Treatment That Meets Compliance

Being in a highly regulated industry can make it a challenge to optimize your wastewater treatment while also meeting regulations. With AIRE-O2 Systems, Newterra offers a wide range of solutions that help you meet compliance quickly. Our patented technologies focus on efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance, and process flexibility to maximize cost savings while enabling a sustainable system for long-term success.

AIRE-O2’s line of aeration equipment and our creative engineering team provide a full range of solutions to optimize wastewater treatment applications, including:

  • Lagoon solutions 
  • Oxidation Ditches
  • Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) systems
  • Other municipal and industrial wastewater treatment solutions
  • Mixing technologies
  • Retrofits, modernizations, and upgrades for existing wastewater treatment plants
  • Rental equipment for bridge, supplemental and emergency aeration needs
  • Regulatory requirements and compliance planning
Newterra AIRE-O2 Aeration Systems

Customized Solutions to Maximize Sustainability

Our strategic team of engineers, designers and technicians are here for you. We’ll learn about your unique situation before conceptualizing, designing and delivering solutions that fit your specific needs.

Whether you need to add to your current system or rent equipment for seasonal load variations, we develop complete solutions for successful water treatment. Our tailored designs and patented technologies improve wastewater quality, allowing you to minimize operating expenses.

Our modular equipment requires little maintenance, can be accessed at the surface and allows you to utilize your current infrastructure. Thanks to its reliable performance, you’ll eliminate the risk of downtime in your wastewater treatment plant while staying in compliance.

Stationary aerator treatment solution outdoors consisting of a rectangular holding pond protected by guard rails aerates water
Stationary aerator treatment solution outdoors consisting of a rectangular holding pond protected by guard rails aerates water

Water Treatment Performance for a Wide Range of Markets

No matter your environment, we can help you achieve clean water with a customized solution for your specific site. From municipalities to pulp and paper mills and all manner of industrial wastewater treatment, we help markets comply with ever-increasing regulatory demands through reliable innovations and technologies.

You’ll save time and capital expenses as we work with you to build something new, or to expand treatment in your existing infrastructure. Our variety of aeration and mixing systems provide industries with unrivaled process control and flexibility while being cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly.

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